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Bil. is an innovative person with an infectious optimism. He has a record of accomplishment in communications, business intelligence, media relations, marketing, writing, Human-Computer Interaction and the web (developing it and writing/managing content). This is a person who can work independently or lead teams (large and small). He maximizes people, resources, and technology to execute for success with noticeable, positive results. He continues to play a high profile in his current work, having served in key roles for organizations, non-profit associations, government agencies, DOD contractors, and companies like Microsoft, Motorola, Peter Norton Computing, and ChipSoft (the TurboTax company). He can make great things happen on minimal budgets. His reputation is one of getting things done because he imagines the possibilities. And, he always focuses on "What is in the best intersts of the organization?"

A strategic thinker and team builder, Bil. can write and implement business plans that increase revenue and reduce expenses.  His marketing know-how provides a solid base to coordinate team efforts for a positive public image, much more company exposure in the news media and on the Internet, greatly improving revenue steams. His impressive track record in marketing, media relations, promotion, and branding (mental shelf space) can help you grow your company.

Key Points

  • Family histories - Bil. has been researching and "writing things up" to tell the story of people's families and lives. Preserving so much of what gets lost over the years and through generations.
  • Web site development and content management.
  • Strategy, and  planning; implementing plans and roadmaps.
  • Inspires and motivates people to accomplish more, effectively and proficiently.
  • Bil.'s infectious optimism and enthusiasm "gets things done!"
  • Facilitating S.W.O.T. assessments (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats).
  • Writing, presentations, speeches, collateral material, white papersfeatures.
  • Marketing/media relations tied to "What is in the best interests of the company?"
  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) certification (Stanford) and field experience.
  • Project management, disaster recovery planning, & service level agreements..

Career Highlights

  • Internet/content management, including helping Microsoft pioneer the web.
  • Managing online presence and communities worldwide for Microsoft.
  • Received Motorola’s Bravo Award for improving global web communications.
  • Developed Intranet format that sets the standard for internal communications.
  • World Organization of Webmasters Executive Editor.
  • Teaching and tutoring for Microsoft Office, SharePoint, & web site development.
  • Building Peter Norton and the TurboTax empires.
  • Working at local, state and national levels lobbying, and information gathering.
  • Represented businesses, organizations, and government entities.
  • Served on two Presidential task forces.
  • Appointed to a statewide task force by California Governor.
  • Strategy and planning for businesses, corporations, and government entities.
  • Handling marketing, public/media relations, and corporate publicist duties.
  • Managing businesses, enterprises and non-profit organizations.
  • Developing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans.
  • Human-Computer Interaction analysis, review, and work experience.
  • Writing and research.
  • Position and white papers.
  • USA Today, United Feature Syndicate, and trade magazines
  • Nationally syndicated, technology "how-to" newspaper column.

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