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Life is simple. You're born. Then with each dawn, you have another day to spend and learn (and, hopefully, not waste) ...

The sun comes up in the morning. The sun follows its trusted, arching, diurnal path up, over and across the sky, east to west ... then down to brighten subsequent darkness somewhere else on the globe as we each seek shelter.

That's really all there is to life.

The level to which life becomes complicated, confusing, and exasperating is in direct proportion to how much each one of us wants to "pile things on" or muck things up!

Where things get troubling or enchanting is the process by which each of us "makes it through the day." It is easy to get seduced into complicating our lives with so much of what there is all around us all the time ... most of which is completely unnecessary, arbitrary, and perfunctorious.  Each of us chooses an exact and precise path to follow, choosing (or not choosing) what to do (or not do) along the way. The decisions we make (or don't make) determine just how the day (and each and every tiny aspect of life) will unfold.

Our existence is held together by sounds, symbols, and symbology. Lines and shapes become images and, most importantly, language ... through which we interact with the world. We learn to read. We learn to interpret what we see. Then we take what we have learned and use it all to make it through another day ...

Nothing is really that different about life today ... now, except for the of modern day "conveniences." We still use sounds, symbols, and images ... only now they are focused on the Internet, cell phones, television, movies, and, yes, even conversations with real people talking to real people ... as each day unfolds and darkness approaches.

But, wait ... there's more to the "picture" here than meets the eye or ear - <to be continued>

If you want to know more about  the meaning of life, you can find out about that here, too!

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