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Letter to Jeff Bezos at Amazon.com

Hello, Jeff,

Thank you for making life so much better! Amazon.com makes a BIG difference in our life! We’ve been with Amazon.com since the ‘90s.

If this were a Top Ten List, each of what follows somehow would be #1 ...

  • Life is so much better with Amazon.com ...
  •  Making it easy to get stuff.
  • A wide selection of EVERYTHING on the planet.
  • Amazon.com’s music ROCKS!
  • Books & Kindle (where I publish all my books!)
  • You don’t have to leave home to shop ... for anything
  • Whatever you need is just a few mouse clicks away.
  • Orders are delivered FAST ... even on Sundays!
  • But those digital credits are so great for No Rush Delivery.
  • Excellent prices … always, always, always.
  • Prime Day(s) … that’s our Christmas!
  • All the deals Amazon.com texts right to your phone.
  • Amazon.com wish list (so people know what I really want).
  • Amazon’s suggestions based on what you have bought.
  • Amazon.com reviews help you make better decisions.
  • Even foreign language reviews can be translated.
  • Customer service at Amazon.com sets the standard for OUTSTANDING.
  • Being able to return items with such ease.
  • Amazon.com A to Z guarantee to protect us against certain sellers
  • Amazon.com Prime
  • Video ... beats the crap out of Netflix and the other guys
  • Reading benefits.
  • Music, music, music!
  • Amazon Pantry.
  • Amazon Prime Store Card & cash back!
  • Thanks for ALL that you have done for us because of Amazon.com!