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07/25/2020 - With Trump ... it's just the opposite! Anything he says, just know that reality is just the opposite of what he says. Every time chaotic words fall out of his mouth (all of which spew forth from frantic, random, and illogical thoughts) ... none of it is too well thought out. He makes up everything, which is all laced with lies, deception, and attacks. None of it makes sense except in the minds of "not all there" personas (thanks to Russia (other countries, too) and so many people who have been duped and will believe anything, no matter how crazy it is in Trump-O-Mania). The man is unfit, not well, and, to sum it all up, oblivious to the reality of anything other than his own interests. Just watch him "perform" ... it's sad, scary, and dangerous ... along with his family members, "friends," and all the sheep, otherwise known as Republicans ... at least they were Republicans before so many of them were stricken with Trump-O-Mania. How can anyone look at him and not see that he is insane? Trump is consistently WRONG about so much of what has to do with being a President of the United States. What we have in the White House is a TV personality who hosted a lame, but popular reality show. If he cakes much more makeup on his face, it really will be Kabuki Theater ... that isn't fun to watch and is quickly "sinking the ship."