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The Internet is a complex set of grids connecting each of us with everything else ... all through a series of lines - wirelessly, phone lines, and cables. No one really controls the Internet. Heck, no one really knows just what the internet is or how it really works. But the Internet is there, all around us. It now has a strangle hold on our daily lives ... with a life all of its own. Most of us get little or no training for accessing and using the Internet. We just connect our computers (and our intellect) to these inter-connected grids and then we're "out there" with everyone else.

Therein lies the problem.

We just "jump right in" to the vast universe of the Internet's endlessness ... grid after grid after grid binding together with whatever it is that the Internet is (or isn't). We "learn as we go," interacting with technology. That's where Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) comes into the picture, because it all has to do with how we interact with computers; and, in this case, web interfaces ... as we "find our way." But what does it all mean? What should we know? How do we know what all there is to know about traversing all of these grids of the Internet?

Grid Lines is going to help you get answers to all of those questions and more! Spending time on the Internet (where we tend to "fall off the edge of the earth" getting lost in time voids) simply comes down to a collection of flashes of brilliance and fits of stupidity. There is a lot of "great stuff" out there on the web, but along the way, it is easy to stumble and fall because of all the dumb and dangerous things!

So, what if there was a place where much of the "there there" with the Internet was put into perspective for you? Well, that's the whole point of Grid Lines. And, we're going to be talking on an on-going basis about being on the grid and off the grid. Our purpose here is NOT to get your credit card number so we can squeeze as many dollars out of you as possible. Nor is it to "push" you one way or the other ... we're just going to explain and interpret a whole lot of things - things that will help you be a better and much smarter computerist! By the way, a Computerist is YOU, the person using a computer to do things - so now at least you have a more clearly defined identity!

Human-Computer Interaction is a good starting point, so you understand more about just what you are doing when you work on a computer (or interact with technology). On the grid is also a good starting point, as is off the grid, too. On the grid will deal with this mental space where you are right now. Off the grid will be about everything else (i.e., all of that "other stuff" in the world ... where you should be spending MORE of your time). And, really, that is the key point in all of this, because this web site, this collection of girds, is here for YOU ... so "pick and choose" what you want to read and learn about. We'll continually have new features and articles, so check back here on a regular basis.

And, since this cyber-joint is here for YOU, you can "participate" by shooting us an email to let us know what you think, what you'd like to see/read, and also what you don't like. It's all part of "pounding away" on our virtual anvil to shape this collection of grids into exactly what will be the most help to YOU.

So, where do we start? That's completely up to YOU >>>> point & click to "get on with it!"

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