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So, how do you learn about the Internet?

If you're like most people, you just "link in," point & click and learn as you go, "tripping over things" as you go!

Well, now this web site provides a better way to get a handle on "things" out here in the realm of All Things Web! This web site (wherever it is that you are right now) on the grid will help you better understand much of what is assumed you already know (and, many times, don't ask about because you either don't know the questions to ask or don't really know where to get started or what to do).

We'll be looking at a lot of Internet related things here ... to start with we have all the details (step by step) for how to connect your PC to your TV. Until you actually do this, you can't really grasp just how amazing it is to make your TV (especially a large screen TV) an extension of the Internet. By connecting your PC to your TV, you can then watch online movies and videos, sports, and, of course, playing games - all in "expanded vision" once you make your TV the monitor for your PC.

So, let's get started ...

PC to TV - the S-Video Conection

Anyone with a large screen TV and PC who doesn't have the two connected is missing a bet!

For me, I wanted to watch NetFlix online movies on my large screen TV instead of on my "dinky" 19 inch computer monitor. Also, I have a subscription to MLB.TV which allows me to watch baseball games online. Then, once I had my PC connected to my large screen TV, I really enjoyed fooling around with Microsoft Flight Simulator. I've never gotten much good at flying the plane, but I still have a lot of fun (even the crashes are entertaining, especially because through instant replay you can watch (and learn from) what happened! The experience of flying is amazing on such a large screen, right in my livingroom. And, that really is the whole point, because now your TV becomes an extension of your PC. You have the entire Internet at your disposal there in your livingroom (or wherever your TV is located).


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