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"It's the Universe!" That really explains it all ... and you can find out more about it by clicking on the link below:

According to the Dalai Lama, "the very purpose of our life is to seek happiness." The Dalai Lama also says that "the proper utilization of our intelligence and knowledge is to effect changes from within to develop a good heart."

Okay, so that said, just what is happiness? And, that question brings us right back to what is life all about? From there, the questions just continue on and on and on ... Is this it, the rest of my life? What am I supposed to be doing? Isn't there more to life than this? And, probably the most asked question at so many points in life, from so many different perspectives is >>> "Why?"

Well, if you want to know the meaning of life, it all begins and ends with YOU being happy. There are no answers to those tormenting questions we keep focusing on! What each of us needs to focus on is living life! The Zen Grid area of this web site zeros in on the true simplicity of life. The next step after thsi is to just live life, taking it one day at a time, making the most of each and every minute. Instead of aimlessly wandering through each day, make each day count. Help someone make through the day. Brighten someone's day ... all without expecting anything in return. When all is said and done, life is about people helping people.

The starting point in all of this is, of course, YOU. And, if you aren't happy, then nothing else matters, except that you will spend each day feeling lost, with an empty feeling in the pit of your stomach!

This area of this web site will expand ever outward being part of our collective Internet conscienceness ... and YOUR input in welcomed ... just click on the email link below and share your thoughts!

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