Bil. Alvernaz Profile - Copyright 2022 by Bil. Alvernaz Bil. Alvernaz - Copyright  1985-2022 by Bil. Alvernaz This writer will help you better communicate and connect with people!
      ... Here is someone with in-depth experience and know-how managing and working in communications, marketing, PR, the web, media relations, and knowledge information management. All of which can be channeled into whatever you need to have done. Bil.'s energy, drive, passion, knowledge, inventiveness, and infectious optimism will play a key role in telling your story of your value and purpose ... so people better understand what you do, how you do it, and, most importantly, why it matters.
  • Bil. knows communications (internal and external), all tied to marketing, and PR efforts.
  • His in-depth experience in public relations, marketing campaigns, photography, and video production has effectively "given voice" to companies, organizations, and associations.
  • His marketing expertise ranges from the local and regional levels to a global scale with the work he did for Department of Defense Companies, Microsoft and Motorola.
  • He is skilled and known for working with management, leadership, stakeholders, and audiences in clarifying issues, advocating solutions, mobilizing cross-functional support, and facilitating decision-making.
  • Bil. has the experience and know-how be a representative, as well as liaison, to the community, groups, civic leaders, and elected officials.
  • He champions the company "voice" for positive employee engagement.
  • He knows strategic planning, concept development, branding, research, and messaging.
  • He has in-depth experience in customer relations and project management.
  • Bil.'s diverse background, management and leadership abilities shaped many organizations and companies, including the TurboTax and Peter Norton Empires.
  • His pioneering efforts with Microsoft web teams and subsequent, on-going work in the realm of all things web, translates into Internet savvy, including social media.
  • Bil.'s extensive and successful background working for associations, non-profits, and government agencies at the local, regional, state, and national levels will help you go far beyond what you ever (or never) imagined possible.
  • From policies and procedures to document control and even organizing, as well as running, company orientations, Bil. can be an asset and resource in many different areas and departments.
  • Having written for USA Today, a variety of newspapers, and magazines, Bil. knows how to write for and work with the news media, and expertly handle public spokesperson duties.
  • Knowing the "ins & outs" of Microsoft Office products, especially Word and Outlook, Bil. can do "brown bag" lunch sessions to show people how to work smarter using helpful program features and options most people don't know about (or use).

  • Bil. - Copyright  1985-2015 by Bil. Alvernaz
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