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Okay, so ...

The evolution of our online consciousness has led you to this convergence of electronic impulses sparking you intellect. This momentary Waystation, here, on the vast landscape of whatever it is that this Interweb (and your mind) is ... wraps snugly (but comfortably)around your intellect ... speaking to, for, and about you, the true Computerist you are, even if you didn't know that you know what you really knew all along ... or so seems.  

Those of us "out here" so often traversing our way across a spectrum of synaptic grid lines, have been mostly on our own ... that is until now. The "voice" transmitting directly from wherever it is that you are right now, reverberating within your neural network, serves a three-fold purpose amidst the rhythm of your keystrokes, mouse clicks, and monosyllabic trances:

  • to stimulate your intellect.
  • to arm you with useful information.
  • to put into perspective what is assumed you should already somehow know.


Finding your way from here to there ...

The heartbeat of this intersection of grids is called "Grid Lines." Grid Lines is on on-going commentary that will help you do more on and off the grid (scroll down to read one of our articles - this one about connecting your PC to your TV). You can reach Grid Lines by clicking on those words or by clicking on Grid Lines in the Main Menu to the upper left here.

The Internet is an endless obstacle course of interesting distractions and logical destinations amidst dangerous places where land mines are loaded with "gotchas!" Even emails have become a daily avalance that we have to wade through ... looking for the "real" communiques worth reading. Grid Lines will help you find your way on the Internet, as well as help you do more as a Computerist ... all with much less heartache.  <more>

PC to TV - the HDMI and even the S-Video Conection

Anyone with a large screen TV and PC who doesn't have the two connected is missing a bet!

For me, I wanted to watch NetFlix online movies on my 80 inch TV instead of on my "dinky" computer monitor. Also, I have a subscription to MLB.TV which allows me to watch baseball games online. Then, once I had my PC connected to my large screen TV, I "killed cable TV." No need for it any more and with the money I saved, I bought a brand new 80 inch TV. Your TV becomes an extension of your PC ... actually, the TV is just another monitor connected to your PC (which is pretty cool!). You have the entire Internet at your disposal right there in your livingroom (or wherever your TV is located) ... adding a whole new dimension to computing. Through in Roku or whatever other TV "options" you have and you're all set!


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