From what I can ... see... [[Bil. unfiltered]] - Copyright 2021 by Bil. Alvernaz - Copyright  1985-2021 by Bil. Alvernaz ... for all that is connected, intersected, & infected in YOUR mind!

      ... I've roosted "here" @ for a quarter century. You want to know about me and who I really am? It's all "here" ... NOT on social media which is a cesspool that started out as a good idea, but has become an addictive, mostly frivolous wasteland. It's sad what we're doing (and NOT doing) with all this amazing technology! [sigh]

From what I can see ...
I've carefully "carved out" this spot in the geographical epicenter of the Human-Computer Interactive panorama you've created within the shimmering, glimmering screen captivating your monosyllabic line of sight at this very moment.

You can read what I have to say ... or not. I don't care. But I'm not "here" to waste your time. I have the truth on my side. I'm able to see things as they really are because of how the Universe works (if you pay attention). People are always trying to get me (and YOU, too) to believe so much that just isn't true ... always for their gain at our expense (personal & moneywise). What I have to say here is 100 percent unvarnished truth. Me unfiltered (and not wanting a single thing from you) "painting a picture" ... from what I can see ...

What's really going on here?

This is simply me holding up a mirror for you see (and think about) what it is you really think you perceive ... that can so easily have been miscontrued, along with things you have completely missed all together, because you haven't been paying close enough attention to all that is happening (or not happening) right under your nose!

I'm concerned about the deception of advertising and all the mis-information about so many things, intricated synced to (and coming from) the abundance of bloviating, self-centered individuals permeating our consciousness and daily lives. They are everywhere. Especially on TV and radio "news" channels (which are all entertainment oriented to keep viewers with short attention spans tooned in to have their biased, convoluted, illogical, and just plain stupid views reinforced).

A lot of what I'll be writing about has to do with those certain relatives (all part of the Relative Factor that mucks up so much in life), who just can't shut the hell up, while poisoning various and assorted aspects of family lives ... with their "two-cents worth" laced with narrow-minded poppycock that doesn't make any sense "a-tol." Al of which, of course, is reinforced by the "reporting" as well as all individuals appearing on various and assorted segments who are "trying sell their books,") on FOX NOT-THE-NEWS.

You got something to say? ... good, bad, or otherwise ... let me know exactly, precisely, specifically, definitively, and most particularly what's on your mind or eating away at you ... or, heck ... just tell me a thing 'er two