From what I can ... see... #1-25VII2021 ... [[Bil. unfiltered]] - Copyright 2021 by Bil. Alvernaz - Copyright  1985-2021 by Bil. Alvernaz ... for all that is connected, intersected, & infected in YOUR mind!

... People just piss me off!

This global realm of oh so many soup cans strung together with string ... in which we all now find ourselves cohabitating ... more virtually than planting our feet more firmly "here" in reality ... as we find ourselves treading water in the constant barrage of nonsense, stupidity, and insanity that is absolutely batshit crazy!

Our digitized addiction to and dependence upon our techno-weenie, Electronical Toys pulls (and PUSHES) us further down the rabbit hole of who NOSE what! And ... FOR WHAT? Why? When? Whereto? Heretofore? Or not. Does any of it really matter ... or make sense?

No one is asking any questions ... we just want more and more to go with our monosyllabic staring into shimmering, glimmering screens ... without anyone even considering if any of this is good (or bad) for us. We've become oblivious to even taking a closer look at things like ...
  • The stupidity of those who want to make "wearing a face mask" a frickin' constitutional issue ... and I swear the next person who comes up to me and says, in a snarky kind of way, "You know you don't have to wear a face mask!" ... I'm going to slap the shit out of 'em while saying, "Oh, well, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one!"

  • All the "de-enlightened" (though quite ill-informed) dunces who refuse to get vaccinated. It's simply gotta be clear circumstances of the dangerous mix of arrogance & ignorance?

  • FOX "KNOT-the-news" ... perpetuating and spreading mis&dis-information ... while subtly, though quite slickly brainwashing their passive, gullible, conspiracy-absorbing viewers (who should know better, but don't really seem to care so long as what is spewing from the bowels of the TV matches their close-minded attitudes towards life).

  • All the lies and deceit from 1) politicians (who really only care about getting re-elected), 2) in advertising to "sell" you on so much of what you really don't need, but come believe you just "gotta have it," and 3) religious dogma that seems to revolve around an "invisible man in the sky" who constantly needs more money from you! With all three, it's about show me the money ... where it's really hard to pinpoint what you get in return!!! If anything at all, except more lies, deception, and manipulation. And, for the record, when it comes to politics and religion, I look at myself as a "pedestrian" ... just walking my way through it all.

  • Apple & Starbucks! I guess it's perceived value that drives the demand, but, hey, two things ... a) It's a God-damned phone! Okay! Not something you have an affair with! and 2) It's an over-price cup of coffee "loaded" with LOTS of empty calories (and plenty of caffeine). But then of course, there is the whole "look how cool I/yam" thing for having both in your hands for all the world to see ... which makes a powerful statement about "blowing money" on what you somehow believe makes you special.

And while there will be those who say what I "put forth" here is exactly the same thing as what I cavil (look it up ... it's a word) about. To that I say, furst, you can just "change the channel" if you so choose not to read this. a) I'm not getting anything out of this, looking for ratings, nor am I promoting anything ... other than my stream of consciousness (whatever that happens to be or not). And 2), most importantly, I have the truth on my side! There is much yet to come as I have a whole lot more to say in an unfiltered, unflinching, resolute, demandatory kind of way ... and style ... all here amongst the "play of words" ...

... as in words to phrases, paragraphs to pages ...

And, really, I just don't care what others might have to say, one way or "t-other" about any of this. It won't ever cost you anything to "be here" (other than the time to improve your mind and outlook on life ... and, hey, you might even learn a "thing 'er tew).

This is a refuge from any kind of advertising or anyone in any way trying to "worm" anything out of you, other than intellectual stimulation. I believe what I'm posting here (my thoughts and YOURS!) in projectX will resonate clearly in the minds of those I intentionally "pointed all this at!" That primarily includes YOU, of course! Share the link for "X marks the SPOT" with anyone you like.

There is no set schedule or time-table for when updates will be "slapped up here" ... so you'll just need to "check in" from time to time. Oh, and, no, there won't be any email reminders either ... you get enough emails to wade through on a regular basis. The mantra here is simply that I have things to say that might be of interest to you ... either to reinforce what you already believe and/or to make you think about what it is you think you think.

People who make a difference every single day ...
  • Diana (the one ... over countless lifetimes)
  • Ian (a bright, bold, shining light in the Universe)
  • Stacie (who knows the magic of clouds & painted rocks)
  • Annie (a true artist and "seer")
  • Dave (with Jackie making heavenly sandwiches)
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