Plantation Mansion™
 (copyright © 2012 by Towne Square America™)

Welcome to the Towne Square America™ Plantation Mansion™.

This is a rather “hard” place to reach, so congratulations for making it here. We have specifically created things this way mainly because that is the nature of this Mansion. It isn’t exactly for everyone. There is somewhat of a game involved to get here ... and that is just the beginning.

The game really begins once you enter the Plantation Mansion™. You will be completely on your own. Once you enter the Plantation Mansion™ (by clicking on one of the images below), it will be up to you to figure out where you are, how to get back, or even find your way out. Once you leave the Mansion, you just might not be able to get back in either. That just makes it all the more interesting and, well, frustrating. But, hey, that’s the nature of the game.

The Plantation Mansion™ is really several areas, all tied together in a somewhat logical puzzle with lots of illogic mixed in. That’s partly our doing, but mostly because you will be in a dimensional space that is forever changing and evolving. The Plantation Mansion™ has taken on a life all its own. It is quite interesting and most certainly ALWAYS an adventure just to find your way around, too. But, be careful, take a wrong turn and you’ll be “booted out” of the Mansion ... at which point, you’ll have to find your way back in.

There are no directions or rules in this Plantation Mansion™ that rests on a juxtaposition of several uncharted dimensional cross over points. That means things won’t ever stop changing and you will never know what you’re going to find at any given point. Rest assured, though, this is an enchanting, magical place, one you will want to visit, explore, and willingly get “lost” in quite often. But, remember, just because things worked a certain way one time, doesn’t mean they will work that way the next time. Saving particular spots as shortcuts in your browser won’t be any good either, because while they might work, that will only be temporary. The reason for that is because the locations of the places you will be visiting will always be changing. On most pages you will see directional arrows. You will click on those to head to where you want to go next in the Plantation Mansion™. Initially, this will all be explained to you, but once you get started, well, you’re completely on your own!

So now that you are in this Plantation Mansion™ on this fine you stand off to the right side of the terrace that is lined with potted plants along the outer ledge against a low stone railing with a marble ledge. In the far corner of the terrace there is a small table and two chairs beckoning you to sit down and rest, but you scan what is to the right side of the terrace, looking out to the serpentine path leading to a grove of tall trees. Over to the left is a tall hedge where there is an opening. Behind you, beyond the opposite side of the terrace is an expansive, well-manicured lawn area. While looking in that direction, on your left now is the huge, glass back door of the mansion that leads into the lanai room that is filled with tropical plants and lots of palm trees.

So, after pausing for a bit, you decide to ...

Okay, so what do you do now? It’s time to make a decision as to which way you will go next. And, this sets the tone for how you will move around here in the Plantation Mansion™. You have four choices below to choose from in the form of images; and they are listed in the order of what was mentioned above. In other words, the serpentine path was mentioned first, so that is the first choice. Next, was the tall hedge - that would be your second choice. The lawn area was mentioned next, so that would be the third choice. And, well, you should be able to figure out the fourth choice.

Remember, though, that because the dimensional structure is always changing here in the Plantation Mansion™ and surrounding areas, things might not always appear the same or work the same way. Even those of use who work behind the scenes here in Towne Square America™ never really have any idea what to expect next here in the Plantation Mansion™! You’re best bet is twofold - always, always pay attention, because everything is mentioned for a reason; and, more often than not, just go with your instincts. The wild card here in the Plantation Mansion™ is simply that things are always changing ... you have to constantly be adapting to that. Oh, and also pay attention to what ISN’T being said ... there are definitely clues in that aspect of the Plantation Mansion™.

So now you’re ready to move on by selecting one of the options below ...

                                           SB-grand entry-a       SB-key-a        SB-trophy-a       sb-chess piece-a

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