The Christmas Clock
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  It’’s just a matter of time (or is it?) -

We call it our Christmas clock

  It’s 1974 and we decide to buy a kit to build a grandfather clock. Solid oak, with a Hermle movement for the “clock works.”

   People thought we were nuts. We kept hearing “there’s no way you can do that!”

   Yea, well, we did it anyway, and it turned out to be “the time of our lives!”


Explore your way around!

   There’s no telling what one might find or happen upon in transmissions emanating from here: Towne Square America™. But, rest assured, it ain’t the same old story.

   There is plenty to see and do here, including
Plantation Mansion (if you must). All you gotta do is “point & click” for we have no real menu system in this bold web “thing” (whatever it is you and I are doing here).

Welcome to Towne Square America 2019!
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Broadcasting from the Bandstand in Towne Square America - Hey, if they can do it with new cars, then right here in the heart of Towne Square America™, we’re proclaiming this to be the 2019 “model” of what we are doing here on the Interweb.
   Towne Square America™ is a place where you can explore your way around. The “Box Score” and “Popular Features” below are good starting points. Also, the Indexicon has an alphabetical listing of everything, so that’s a good place to start, too.
  Our biggest feature on display right now is our Christmas Clock. It’s the story of the clock we’ve had for five decades. I first built the solid Oak kit that included  the Westminster chimes movement in in 1974. You can “read all about it” in the feature story just to the left here. The thing is that this Emperor Clock kit not only became our Christmas Clock. It turned out to be the “time of our lives.” As it has been the pace and tempo of our lives, year after year, decade after decade.
   That clock has been everywhere with us. But, the movement was showing its age. So it was time to put in a new movement, on Christmas Day! How ‘bout that!

    The Blue Moon Cafe™ in Towne Square America™ is now offering Sprout Delights!

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