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      ... NETFLIX just makes everything so much easier ... and fun! Netflix started a revolution twenty years ago that is still on-going, getting bigger and better with each new day. Now watching TV, "catching" a movie, or any online viewing are all an effortless breeze. Diana and I have been fans of Netflix pretty much from the beginning and earlier this year I was lucky enough to be selected to participate in (and work with the team) celebrating 20 years of Netflix. And, since the early 2000s when Netflix was just "taking hold," we've have been subscribers, both for online viewing and the "mailed" DVDs. Getting Netflix led to us "kill cable TV," saving well over $20,000 (and still counting). So, we're "here" to spread the word about Netflix ...

Without Netflix, you're not maximizing
what you see or easily could be enjoying!
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Bil. Alvernaz and Netflix - Copyright © 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz There is nothing else like Netflix. Nothing comes close for intuitive, ease of use. That's because Netflix works the way you think, so from the minute you first start working with Netflix, you already know exactly how to use it!

It's not just that Netflix, like the Beatles, changed our lives and the world (continuing to do so). Netflix revolutionized how we "look at things." While "the other guys" (and new comers) are constantly trying to provide something better (all to beat) Netflix, that just isn't going to happen. Netflix is now well over 130 million subscribers all over the globe ... with more "joining in" every day.

Netflix has two main factors that set it apart from everyone else. It is customer centrix in that it works and functions the way you think it should. And, Netflix makes finding and watching what you want effortless. If you ever have questions or need help with something, Netflix has the best - second to none - customer service (and tech support) for anything (anything at all) that you need help with!

Our sole (and soul) purpose here is to "put it all in one place" just what Netflix is and how it changes EVERYTHING! We're going to "maps things out" for just how Netflix has become so much a part of our lives. So, yes, there is narative here, but also photos, reviews of what we liked watching best, and, well, "all things Netflix!"

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Why Netflix?!
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How many times do you find yourself just "clicking away" with your TV remote to "see what you can find" to watch?

It's a common "grazing syndrome" with cable TV in that you just "wander aimlessly" from channel to channel looking for something to watch ... and, so often there is no "there" there and you just settle on something, anything to basically (and passively) "kill some time," all with a jaw slightly ajar, monosyllabic stare "at the tube!"

That's why we killed cable TV well over a decade ago. We not only have saved $20,000 (and still counting), we now "watch TV" with a sense of purpose ... to watch exactly, precisely what we want to watch.

And, it’s all because of Netflix!

When Diana and I first realized we were "just watching anything" we found to watch (usually after tirelessly clicking and clicking the remote to find something), we started keeping a diary of what we watched. We tracked what we liked to watch and how often we actually watched shows/movies we liked. We also kept track of what we didn't like and so much of what we discovered we truly hated, along with so much nothingness that made up a good portion of our viewing time.

We did this at the point we started subscribing to Netflix in the early 2000s. This was also the point we really questioned, "Why are we spending over $200 a month for so much of what we never even watched, especially all of the channels 'thrown in' that we didn't even care about?"

It didn’t take long for us to realize we were watching a whole lot of Netflix (the DVDs and the Netflix online options which are considerably quite A LOT). We also found that once we hooked our TV to a computer, we were watching an abundance of online content THAT WE DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING FOR (most without commercials). And, we were amazed to discover that just about all TV shows are available online, too. Combine those viewing options with YouTube for concerts, clips from late TV shows (all without commercials), and so much more ... it didn't take much to convince Diana and me that we no longer needed cable TV.

So, we killed cable TV!

That led us to set aside more than $150 a month in what we call our "Mad Money" envelope where the money added up FAST, month after month! All while we were pleasantly surprised to find that we didn't miss cable TV at all! The money we saved added up so fast that we soon paid cash for our monster large screen TV (complete with a killer home theater surround sound system). Oh, yea, and our monthly cable TV bill? Fifty bucks a month for hi-speed internet, because that's all we (and, probably YOU) need. We even have an Internet phone (VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol). When we first got our Internet phone just after the Millennium, people thought we were nuts, but now phone services via the Internet are pretty much common.

So, why Netflix?

Simply for these Top Ten Reasons Netflix is right for YOU:
  • #10 – You never have to put up with going to a movie theater (and all of the people who don't know how to behave) again!
  • #9 – Whatever you want to watch comes right to you, thanks to Netflix (either with the DVDs by mail or online).
  • #8 – You don't waste time looking for things to watch because you "map out" your viewing options.
  • #7 – You then start doing a whole lot of other things instead of "sitting in front of the TV" for hours on end searching for and watching NOTHING AT ALL.
  • #6 – When those red Netflix envelopes show up in your mailbox, you just smile knowing exactly what you'll soon be watching.
  • #5 – You discover so many things to watch that you might not otherwise have seen, because Netflix opens up a whole new world of viewing options ... all in a so-easy-to-use, intuitive format.
  • #4 – If it turns out you don't like something you're watching on Netflix, you just kill it and move on to the next item in your queue. If you had gone to the movies, you'd just be "out" the time and the money (where the cost of going to see one movie is an entire month's subscription to Netflix, online and with the DVDs).
  • #3 – Your TV (or watching things on your computing device or smartphone) now truly becomes an enjoyable experience where you "watch stuff" with a sense of purpose.
  • #2 – You maximize your time (and your life) by watching whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want ... with or without whomsoever you want.
  • #1Netflix, (especially "binge watching") is exactly what you needed, that you didn't even know you wanted, and it just makes EVERYTHING so much more fun ... and easier.
Here are links to find out more about Netflix, the 20th anniversary celebration, and how to sign up:
And, here are links to the videos I have appeared in as part of the celebration for Netflix's 20th anniversary. You need to know (as required by the FTC) I am part of the DVD Nation Team that is promoting the 20th anniversary of Netflix and there are rewards from for those of us helping promote what Netflix does in providing thousands of viewing options to choose from, that you can get with a DVD subscription mail service as well as via Netflix streaming services (which has “tons” of original content you can’t find anywhere else).

It is important to note that I jumped at the chance to be part of the DVD Nation Team to promote Netflix for the 20th anniversary celebration, because, simply put, right from the very beginning, Diana and I have been huge fans of Netflix. We have been "selling" Netflix since we first subscribed to Netflix in 2004. That was when we stopped going through the horrid experiences (and costs, and time, and annoyances) of enduring movie theaters. We killed cable TV shortly thereafter. We were part of the Netflix team testing and pioneering online viewing/streaming in 2006.

Since we first discovered Netflix's magic (and it is magic, if you really think about it), we have told countless people this: "Try Netflix for a month and if you don’t like it, we'll personally give you your money back." In all that time, no one has ever asked for their money back. In fact, most people we have nudged into trying Netflix not only thanked us for it, they, too, have become “soldiers in the field” telling others about how amazing, convenient, and effortless Netflix makes “going to the movies.” There are now over a hundred million Netflix subscribers worldwide! And, that number continues to grow!

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Overview ... of it all! (And, why it all matters)
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While the movie theater experience way of "seeing a movie" still is an often-used option, just think about the magic of Netflix ... and, how it has changed things so very, very, VERY much in our lives. When you see that innocent looking red envelope in the day's mail, you just smile, as that envelope loudly proclames "time for the movies!"

Could anyone ever have imagined that movies would come right to you ... either through the mail or with online viewing? There are two separate options with Netflix, both very affordable and true bargains. One is for the actual DVDs "coming and going" via mail and one is for Netflix online to view on any digital device with Internet service.

And, before we go any further (or farther), we need to look at one extremely important aspect of how Netflix has radically, for the better, changed things (as well as saved you A LOT of money). This is just one of the many advantages of Netflix. Okay, so you pay the $30, $40, $50 (or more) for an outing to go see a movie. If the movie is bad, you're OUT for the cost (not to mention how many odd and/or antagonistic movie theater "episodes" you truly want to forget about, though some do manage to haunt you now and then).

The cost of having seen that one bad movie more than covers an entire month's subscription to Netflix for both the online and DVD subscriptions. So, if any Netflix DVD or online movie is horrid or not what you expected (or wanted), no big deal. You just "kill it" and move on to the next one ... all at no extra charge! And, all without ever having had to endure the trappings of a movie theater experience as well as "being out" for the cost (time and trouble, along with wear and tear, even dings to the car doors) to see just one bad movie!

Though it tends to get overlooked and not discussed much, Netflix has great beneficial and informational values that far surpass movie theaters (or even HBO, Showtime, and other cable offerings). It all has to do with what is being offered. For Movie Theaters, you're pretty much talking new, re-issued movies, or special showings. On cable and regular TV, you're still faced with what they have decided to make available, as well as waiting "week to week" for episodes of your favorite TV shows. With Netflix, you're talking an almost endless supply of movies, documentaries, concerts, TV shows, plays, interviews, and just about anything you'd ever want to watch. Oh, and, that includes the classic "old" movies and TV shows, too. Even foreign and silent films! They're all "right there" for you to choose from and watch whenever you want.

Another truly most amazing (and magical) part about "all that stuff" on Netflix from the past and present, including so much that you might not otherwise have seen (or even thought about looking for), it's all listed right there with Netflix for you to easily and intuitively browse through. There are categories to make it simpler for you to find exactly what you want. They even have the Netflix Top 100 where you can discover even more options you might otherwise have missed out on. The Netflix rating system is a great way to zero in on what interests you the most.

It doesn't get talked or written about very much. Actually, it is rather taken for granted, but we need to talk about and emphasize Netflix’s incredible customer service. You're going to have questions, or you'll wonder about something you haven't quite figured out. Anything at all on your mind about Netflix, all you need to do is call 800-585-8018 (it's listed at the bottom of every page on their web site). That's where you'll get "tech support" that sets the standard for the way things ought to be done for assisting customers. The wait time is never longer than a minute or two. Netflix’s customer service team is friendly, helpful, courteous, very smart, savvy, and always, always, ALWAYS takes care of whatever needs to be done. With the "other guys," it's a whole different, sad story and, in many cases, quite limited or non-existent.

Netflix really did start with Reed Hastings, the founder of Netflix, returning Apollo 13 late to a video store in 1998. Reed's frustration of having had to pay a $40 late fee then provided a direct route for him that led to what then became Netflix. And, it wasn't "smooth sailing" to launch Netflix and keep it going. In fact, early on, Reed wanted to partner with Blockbuster Video (this being when there were Blockbuster Video stores everywhere). Blockbuster passed on the offer with the irony of that being that once Netflix really caught on (in spite of and without Blockbuster as their number of video stores dwindled), Blockbuster ultimately filed for Bankruptcy in 2010. This all as Netflix was (and continues to be) a global phenomenon.

The brilliance of Netflix’s business model incorporating the US Postal Service's infrastructure for DVDs "to and from your mailbox" (a model and others have also capitalized on) is yet one more feature of how convenient it is to "go to the movies" with Netflix. You don't even need to leave your house. It's all right there for you - effortlessly. You can watch Netflix online on your TV, any computing device, and even your smartphone (why people do that, I'll never know). Roku and so many other alternatives to cable TV have Netflix options built in. In many cases, the remotes have a Netflix button! Some cable companies have even incorporated Netflix into their viewing options.

Netflix makes it so easy to view anything that all you have to do is decide what you want to see ... and then watch it. You can pause what you're watching or even come back later and pick up right where you left off ...

... all from your most favorite, comfy spot.

Right here is where I need to make an editorial comment about the case for jettisoning cable TV. Diana and I killed cable TV long ago. All we (you) need is the hi-speed Internet service for about fifty bucks a month. Since we got rid of cable TV, we've saved over $150 a month. We set aside that amount each month now for what we call our "Mad Money Fund." Saving all that money over several years of no cable TV (which we have never ever felt we even "miss it") paid for our 80-inch, monster TV and home theater system, among so many other things.

We have saved $20,000 (and counting) since jettisoning cable TV.

We just don't (and you might not either) see the need for cable TV with Netflix, YouTube (for concerts, interviews, keeping up with late night TV, news, and so much more), Roku (if you don't have one, GET ONE), and switching to our antenna for "regular" TV (which we hardly ever do, because who wants to watch commercials?!?!).

You can easily do what we did to find out just how much (or how little) you need cable TV. We kept a log of what we watched and rated just how much (or little) we liked what we were watching. We also looked for (and capitalized on) other ways of watching things. Like with most TV shows and even specials, you can watch them on the company's web site. In some cases, you might have to wait a week or so to see it, but just about anything is available on the Internet (especially with YouTube). Oh, and by doing this, you don't need to pay, from 99 cents and on up, for watching TV episodes and other things from "handy places" like iTunes.

So, we kept our TV viewing log for a couple of weeks and it became obvious we could do without cable TV. Most importantly, we both realized that often we just "clicked and clicked" the remote, sitting there with monosyllabic stares, looking for something to watch ... a complete waste of time. And, then, from Day #1 of no more cable TV, we realized (and still do) that we absolutely, 100 percent DID NOT need cable TV. And, oh, yea, the monthly cable TV fees we saved added up fast and continue to do so!

An immensely crucial factor about getting rid of cable TV is probably the single biggest benefit of no longer being tied (i.e., drawn into) what cable TV offers in terms of perceived value (that really isn't). You get all these channels "bundled up" into package deals (where they also try to "get cha" with over-priced phone service, too). And, the thing is with all of those channels (so many of which are totally worthless), it quickly becomes a habit to sit in front of the TV "killing time" looking for something to watch. Then, many times, you're just sitting there watching whatever you stumbled upon, but only mildly, if at all, interested in.

An abundance of cable TV channels is really a BAD, but now so common, robotic phenomenon where so often you just sit there clicking the remote over and over again to see what's on. It's truly sad that while so often there really isn't anything to be found worth watching, you/me/we all usually settle for mediocrity because we got tired of searching back and forth and that's all that we could find. Instead of turning off the TV, getting up, and doing something worthwhile.

The significant fundamental change of expunging cable TV from your life and getting Netflix, along with other non-cable options like YouTube, is that now there is a sense of purpose when you "watch TV." You know what you want to watch, and you watch it, not bothering with anything else (especially endlessly clicking on the remote to see what’s on). What's especially important about that is you will no longer be frittering away a lot of time in the vast wasteland of whatever you can find on TV. Instead of wasting time like that, you can read a book, do a jigsaw puzzle, play games, even talk with the people populating your life, or just do many other things (that usually don't get done, are overlooked, or just ignored because you were "watching TV").

Bruce Springsteen "hit the nail on the head" in his 1992 song, with his Human Touch album's song "57 Channels (And Nothin' On)." And, that was just the beginning days/daze leading to the explosion of so many more dozens and hundreds of channels popping up all over the place, including the "breeding ground" known as the Internet.

With Netflix you'll never look at TV the same again!

What I really and truly don't miss about cable TV is the seemingly important, but nonsensical 24-hour news channels. They're all back-loaded with regular commercials and ads placed right in the middle (and as part) of all the "news" and what's going on. Those channels with eye-catching graphics each have their own agendas and slants, of course, so you can pick what you want to hear, all amongst self-important, know-it-alls bickering and squabbling with each other as they all try to make points (most of the time which don't make any sense or are convoluted).

The "breaking news" segments are really more on the order of just trying to get your attention or help snap you out of all too frequent momentary lapses of reason smack-dab in the middle of the monotony of it all.

It's all just noise that I'm so very happy I don't ever have to listen to again!

And, speaking of noise, to us, the real issues and reasons for serious concerns about the role (or, to put it more bluntly, the dominance and subtle, though quite subliminal, multi-faceted "indoctrination" angles and influences) TV plays in the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people around the globe boils down to two fundamental points:

     A) Does the TV really need to be on first in the morning?

     2) Does a TV constantly need to be “blaring away” all day long, even when no one is in the room? Diana and I honestly never ever will come close to grasping this, what it means, or even why people live with it. Especially when you visit someone, and they leave the TV on "playing to no one" in another room, loud and incredibly rude enough to be an annoyance that everyone but us seems to be oblivious to!

It's even worse (and beyond obnoxious and insulting) when the TV is on in the same room where you're trying to have a conversation with someone whose eyes constantly dart back and forth between you and the TV. Of course, this could easily take me off on a side tangent about stupid people, but that's a topic for another day (and is even covered in Communique #11 of Batsh*t Crazy).

For Diana and me, our TV and anything we watch relates to TV being our form of entertainment associated with evenings. Many nights the TV never comes on because we're reading books, playing card or board games, indulging our passion for jig-saw puzzles, doing things together (and, dare I say it, even just talking to each other), or a wide assortment of doing things other than just "watching TV" for the sake of doing something (often referred to as "killing time").

Our TV is rarely on during the day ... like for watching a baseball game or an afternoon movie matinee when we're Netflixing. Mostly, TV is an evening pastime for us because, you know, there is YOUR LIFE to live beyond those who are sadly suffering from the "glued to it" addiction of TV (same goes for waaaay too much time spent "out there" on the Internet).

For us, TV will always be a later in the day (if at all), evening sort of thing. One other thing about TVs is that there has never been a TV in our bedroom or anywhere else in the house. We look at the bedroom as the place for sleeping or reading a book before nodding off or, well, you can connect the dots for "something else" related to bedrooms.

It was Newton N. Minow, chairman of the Federal Trade Commission from 1961 to 1963, who, in a speech delivered on May 9th, 1961, made the statement about TV that quite literally "coined a phrase" still absolutely, if not more so, is 100 percent relevant. He said this at a National Association of Broadcasters Washington, DC, meeting in talking about what was being presented to the public on television, after encouraging individuals to watch, non-stop, an entire day of the different channels on TV:

"I can assure you that what you will observe is a vast wasteland."

Here is a link to the full text of what Mr. Minow said:

Add to that the quote from Marshall McLuhan, in talking about how the form of a medium embeds itself into any message, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived. And, this is long before all the lavish, eye-catching graphics now constantly splashing across TVs, the Internet, and even in movie theaters.

"The medium is the message."

That concludes my editorial comment that I simply felt compelled to include with this dissertation about the Magic of Netflix.

So back to Netflix, yet more of the real genius and brilliance of Netflix is that it is like reading a book. You can read a chapter or part of a chapter or, hey, "plow through" the entire book. Only here the "book" is a movie, TV series, or anything else you're watching on Netflix. Watch all of the episodes you want, with no waiting around for next week's episode. Watching episode after episode has come to be known as binge watching.

Binge watching really started catching on with Netflix's first original series, "House of Cards." Netflix released all of the series' episodes at once, so they were readily available and, thus, binge watching further evolved from just watching all of the episodes Netflix had of previously-aired TV shows. Diana and I went from one "House of Cards" episode to the other from its debut Friday on through Sunday. It was so cool and added yet one more "dimension of entertainment" to Netflix!

Here's an example of how cool it is to watch TV shows that come to Netflix. Diana and I never had watched the TV show "LOST" when first aired from 2004 to 2010. So, a few years after the series ended, we watched all 121 episodes over the course of three or four months. With no commercials, each episode is a little over 40 minutes long (thanks to no commercials).

Over some weekends, we would watch several episodes non-stop. And, it was great to zip right to the next episode to see what happens next. No waiting for next week or the following season. We just zoomed right through it all at our own pace. We've even gone back and watched our favorite episodes, too. I can't emphasize enough just how great it is to not be bombarded with obnoxious, intellectually insulting commercials (which most of them are)!

NOTE: "LOST" is no longer available on Netflix, as "things come and go" in terms of what Netflix has to offer. But, hey, "LOST" was available on Netflix for many years.

Oh, yea, talking about things to watch, that brings us to the Netflix original content. Each year Netflix spends billions (yes, with a "B") on original content. It all started with "House of Cards" ... the highly anticipated sixth and final season is set to air in the fall of 2018.

Netflix's original content has continued on with multiple seasons of other great shows like "Santa Clarita Diet," "Marco Polo," "Narcos," "The Crown," "Ozark," "Mindhunter," "Daredevil," "Jessica Jones" (along with other Marvel series), "Orange is the New Black," and "Stranger Things." There is much more "in the works," too, including the "just-inked" multi-faceted deal between Netflix and former President Barack Obama and his wife.

Though it wasn't a Netflix original, my personal Netflix favorite, out of everything else, is the British television drama, "Peaky Blinders" (all four seasons). And, that's the thing, there is so much in the way of "great viewing" that makes its way to Netflix. I don't want to be pushy here, but with "Peaky Blinders," just watch the first ten minutes and see if you can turn it off.

There is so much "there" there with Netflix.

The "other guys," including Amazon Prime and Hulu, are frantically trying to catch up to Netflix. However, while they seem to be much like Netflix, they throw in plenty of "gotchas," like lots of things you might decide to watch, but, oh, wait, those have fees attached ... many have commercials, too. There is NONE of that with Netflix. You pay your monthly subscription and you can do this ...

Watch whatever you want whenever and wherever you want.

And, never ever any COMMERCIALS.

Netflix, besides being ingenious, is effortless and oh, so, convenient.

It's as simple as this:

Netflix sets the standard ... The "other guys" don't even come close! And, in terms of market cap, company value, Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) is now bigger than AT&T and Comcast ... after having passed Time Warner and Twentieth Century Fox in market value last year.

Here are links to find out more about Netflix, the 20th anniversary celebration, and how to sign up: And, here are links to the videos I have appeared in as part of the celebration for Netflix's 20th anniversary. You need to know (as required by the FTC) I am part of the DVD Nation Team that is promoting the 20th anniversary of Netflix and there are rewards from for those of us helping promote what Netflix does in providing thousands of viewing options to choose from, that you can get with a DVD subscription mail service as well as via Netflix streaming services (which has “tons” of original content you can’t find anywhere else).

It is important to note that I jumped at the chance to help the DVD Nation Team promote Netflix for the 20th anniversary celebration, because, simply put, right from the very beginning, Diana and I have been huge fans of Netflix. We have been "selling" Netflix since we first subscribed to Netflix in 2004. That was when we stopped going through the horrid experiences (and costs, and time, and annoyances) of enduring movie theaters. We killed cable TV shortly thereafter. We were part of the Netflix team testing and pioneering online viewing/streaming in 2006.

Since we first discovered Netflix's magic (and it is magic, if you really think about it), we have told countless people this: "Try Netflix for a month and if you don’t like it, we'll personally give you your money back." In all that time, no one has ever asked for their money back. In fact, most people we have nudged into trying Netflix not only thanked us for it, they, too, have become “soldiers in the field” telling others about how amazing, convenient, and effortless Netflix makes “going to the movies.” There are now over a hundred million Netflix subscribers worldwide! And, that number continues to grow!

Once Diana and I cut the cable TV cord, we have never looked back. With Netflix we didn't (nor will we) ever go to a movie theater again! Netflix has added so much magic to the depth of our life and times.

That said, hey, we're done here ... that is, unless you want to look at some Netflix related photos ... or read some reviews of just a small sampling of what you'll find on Netflix.

... and now I'm off to "Netflixing" for a while with Diana and our two Australian Shepherds, Lucky and Max!

While there are futurists and people studying everything from Quantum Mechanics to the origins of the Universe (and even the God Particle), I look at myself from what I truly feel is a pragmatic enlightenment perspective, because Netflix changes EVERYTHING ... and, it all has to do with all that has carried you to this moment in time, maximizing it (and you) to the fullest possible potential. You can reach me at -

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Netflix ... it's kinda like ...

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Netflix ... it's kinda like ... you didn't know you even wanted it until you experienced it to find out it is exactly what you’ve been waiting for ... and, really, truly wanted ... needed!

Then, Netflix ... it's kinda like ... "How did we ever get along without it?!"

Netflix ... it's kinda like ... Philosophy, because the truths and principles of being, knowledge, and/or conduct all tie to a "thought-based study or investigation." And, that's really what is going on at the heart of just what Netflix is in that it is so much more than "just watching something," or what you never (or ever) could quite imagine ... that is until you actually experience it to discover, "Hey! I want more of this!"

Netflix ... it's kinda like ... something that quickly, instantly becomes a very pleasant part of life. Not something that completely overtakes everything else, but, instead, enhances so very many different aspects of your days/daze and nights. And, when you're feeling down or "slightly off" ... Netflix always picks you right up!

Netflix ... it's kinda like ... a gathering, where people come together to spend time "doing things" while talking, interacting with each other, enjoying the "company of others," and, well, basically “living life!”

Netflix ... it's kinda like ... Religion when you really think about it. You can “attend” on your own or “go with other people.” And, just as with religion, you can learn and discover so much that you otherwise might not have ever thought about. Oh, and there is much in the way of content “offerings” related to, well, RELIGION, itself ... all kinds of religion!

Netflix ... it's kinda like ... something we can all do together or alone, anywhere and everywhere on TV or any computing device (which, of course, includes smartphones). That's the brilliance of this phenomenon and entity that is Netflix. And, it works the way you think. Netflix is simple and easy to use. Add to that a seemingly endless variety of so much to watch and see. Customer Service/Tech Support is the part of Netflix that doesn’t get talked about much, but is always, always, ALWAYS there for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every single day of the year.

You got a question? Need help with something? Wonder why this is that or that is this? Just call 1-800-585-8018 and the friendly, helpful, courteous staff will take care of whatever needs to be done to help you. That 800 number is for the United States. No matter where you are around the globe, you can find the Customer Service/Tech Support number at the bottom of any Netflix page online. That call-in number is listed right by the Service Code number which is six digits and "punching that in" helps the support staff get to your account PRONTO!

Netflix ... it's kinda like ... a global community that YOU are a part of ... where you can see so many international shows that you can quite literally "hop around the world" to watch things! Don't worry, there are subtitles and/or dubbing, so you won't be hampered by a language barrier.

Most important of all ...

Netflix ... it's kinda like ... an extension of your intellect where you "watch something" and not just be entertained, but you learn and discover so much that you otherwise would never have "come across" because of so many different, intriguing, interesting, fulfilling, and, amazing things to watch. So much of what you see "between the lines" on Netflix also reinforces so much of what you feel as well as helps you see things in new and different ways.

Oh, yea, ... and, Netflix ... it's kinda like ... a whole lot of fun!

You smile more because of the Netflix aura. You talk more with people about what you and they watched. "Did you see ..." "Oh, you gotta watch ..." There is just so much "there" there with Netflix. Netflix ... it's kinda like ... nothing else at all ... definitely something you want as a part of your life!

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Netflix ... Congressional Hearing ...
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Bil. Alvernaz and Netflix - Copyright © 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz Chairperson Know-it-all pounded a gavel several times. He also simultaneously and violently shook the index finger of his other hand high above his head. His purpose was to emphasize that he and his high-ranking associates in leadership had called forth the subpoena (that no one understood what the purpose was or is) to bring this very same, extremely important, obviously overcrowded meeting to order in the largest, though still jampacked hearing room. All this on the sunniest of sunny days/daze in the United State Capitol.

Chairperson Know-it-all: "Where is our guest speaker? Will someone please escort in our guest? NOW! Right now, please."

At that very moment, the big, wooden, double doors to the chamber opened wide. Amidst the glare of bright lights and cameras snapping photos, in walked a larger-than-life Netflix Red Envelope, smiling and wearing a Peaky Blinders newsboy cap (red, of course, and slightly tilted sideways), hi-fiving as well as waving to spectators, and carrying a Netflix red tote bag bulging to the point of almost overflowing with lots and lots of papers and, most certainly, hundreds of coupons for the 30-day free trials of Netflix.

The Netflix Red Envelope squeezed into the not very roomy witness chair (which, it is important to note, all of the previous witnesses testifying against Mr. Red Envelope were just "sliding around in" back and forth quite a bit ... almost as if they couldn't keep track of what they were saying, not saying, and, at certain points, going so far as to "bend the truth" in each of their favors). Mr. Red Envelope leaned forward, adjusting the over-sized microphone (mainly so he wouldn't look awkward when responding to questions).

Chairperson Know-it-all: "Thank you for appearing before this fact-finding, investigative, and profound committee for this hearing, Mr. Red Envelope.”

Netflix Red Envelope: "Thank you, Chairperson Know-it-all, I would like to know why I've been summoned here and just what this is all about."

Chairperson Know-it-all: "We'll get to all of that in due course. But, first, the main reason you're here is because we have a lot of pressing, important, and, yes, even vital questions to ask you about as well as examine just exactly what it is you are doing.”

Netflix Red Envelope: "Okay. That is odd, but this is your show. Let's get on with it."

Senator Gasbag: "Did you, in fact, run Blockbuster Video out business while quashing most other video rental enterprises and companies to benefit your own ambitions?"

Netflix Red Envelope: "First of all, things weren't that easy when I was getting started with just DVD rentals by mail twenty years ago. I had no one helping me and I used all of my own money to start things up and keep them going. I actually talked to Blockbuster Video at one point to see if we might figure out a way to do business together.

Blockbuster, in something that makes you think a lot about Karma and how it works, I might add, curtly declined my offer, hoping that would be the end of me. And, anyway, they were 'king of the world' at that point with video stores everywhere. And, I was nobody, a tiny spec to them. So, I was, have been, and always will be on my own. Only now I have a lot more money to keep things going and making things better and better all the time.

"That led me to be creative and inventive, as well as looking closely at what people really wanted. Pretty much it all comes back to that old adage of 'find a need and fill it,' which is what American enterprise is all about. Creating what I created and doing what I have done, that is why I have become such a phenomenon with DVDs and online viewing. It's important to note for the record (especially in relation to Karma), Blockbuster was solely responsible for its own undoing and eventual 2010 bankruptcy."

Senator Grandstander: "Why are so many of the potential 'other guys,' like Disney, trying to do what you do?"

Bil. Alvernaz and Netflix - Copyright © 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz Netflix Red Envelope: "What I do ain't easy, Senator. While it looks pretty simple and straight forward what we're doing, it isn't. The other 'other guys' presently trying to match what we offer, are finding it quite difficult to do what we have done and are doing so well. In fact, where the 'other guys' are falling short in a very big way is that they are mostly focused on monetizing their efforts, so they sneak in offerings that cost additional fees along with their 'free' content.

"Their interfaces and menu systems aren't as seamlessly intuitive as mine either. And, for the most part, they don't offer the kind of customer and tech support we provide, so people can get help, for whatever reason(s), and also be able to ask questions that we give them answers to.

"Also, they just can't match our content offerings, especially our original shows like 'House of Cards,' 'Stranger Things,' and 'Orange is the New Black' to mention just some of them, including 'Peaky Blinders,' too. Their 'ease of use' factors for how subscribers interact with what is being offered don't even come close to how intuitive and 'easy it is to follow along' for how things work with us.

"Our customer and tech support is available 24 hours day, seven days a week, all year long. You never wait more than a minute or so to talk to someone who will help you with whatever you need."

Senator Jabberer: "Isn't it true that you are responsible for the steadily growing movement that is 'killing Cable TV' all across this country and around the world?"

Netflix Red Envelope: "Senator, I'm pretty much an inanimate object in all of this. The real answer to your question lies simply in the fact that Cable TV and the 'other guys' are flutily trying to be what I am, while charging much more for much less that is certainly not oriented towards customer service and needs. And, I don't 'fence you in' with countless, limited limitations either. Nor do I 'shove down your throat' bundled package deals, all to jack up the prices, of TV channels you don't even care about watching. In other words, with Cable TV and the 'other guys,' you can only watch what they have decided you should watch at any particular time.

"With me, you pick from an in-depth, amazing, bountiful, and extremely wide selection of what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, wherever you are on planet earth (or in space), with whomsoever you choose. Also, you can watch me on any device, including TVs. You'll find a Netflix 'one click' button for me on most TV remotes now, too."

Senator Motor-Mouth: "Yes, be that as it may, however, therefore, but all of what you are doing simply comes back to the fact that you're also 'killing movie theaters,' too! Do you deny that?"

Netflix Red Envelope: "Oh, well, Senator, have you been to a movie theater lately with all of the people who don't know how to behave, or keep quiet, or turn off AND NOT USE their smartphones during the movie? The prices for popcorn, snacks, and drinks are totally obscene AND not really healthy either! All of that all the stuff at the snack bar is loaded with calories. And, the incredibly over-salted popcorn! Ewwwwwwww. It actually tastes old, too! I won't even go into all of the waiting in lines either! But, here's the thing. You go see a movie and you're out a 'fair chunk of change,' not to mention your time and trouble to get to/from the movie theater.

"Here's another very important point about me and what I offer, too. With the movie theater way of doing things, if you don't like the movie or didn't enjoy being surrounded by obnoxious people, you're just plain out for the money that experience cost you. Money, which, by the way, is an amount that would more than cover, at the very least, the cost of one month's subscription to me, for both the DVDs and online viewing. Also, with watching me, you plop down in your favorite spot or wherever you feel comfortable and you can eat whatever you want, all without having paid through the nose for it.

"And, if you come across something you don't like watching with me, you just move on to whatever else you want to watch. All for no additional charge. Also, by having so much available in the way of viewing choices, you get to explore and watch so much of what you otherwise probably never would have seen, or even known about. All without ever having to drive somewhere at a specific time.

"Oh, yea, with me there's no need for the movie theater, worrying about driving there, and having to plan your time around their movie schedules. I'm wherever and whenever you want me to be. I bring whatever you want to watch right to you! No driving anywhere or worrying about what time a show starts. With me, we're talking 'on demand' so you decide when you want to watch something. It's all designed for YOU, so it will be convenient, affordable, and, something that no one else can offer ... FUN, FUN, FUN!"

Senator Superfluous: "Okay, then. Let's talk about 'binge watching' that I understand you single handedly pioneered. Why should or do people really need watch all episodes continuously, non-stop?"

Bil. Alvernaz and Netflix - Copyright © 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz Netflix Red Envelope: "The word 'binge' isn't exactly the right word, Ma'am. 'Carousel' is a better way of looking at this, because you have a constantly revolving carousel of choices, 'things to ride,' if you will. You can 'ride along' for however long you like. We look at it all as giving people options for viewing.

"With me, it's really like reading a book. You can read a page or two. You can read a chapter. Or, you can just 'plow through the words' for as many pages as you like. But, you still have the entire book, so you can 'flip around' from page to page as well as go back and forth to different parts you want to read again or use as a point of reference or for quoting.

"So, what we do is provide it all at once on our carousel. There is no doubt people like having the option to watch as much or as little as they want. Oh, and, when you come back to watch something, I let you pick up right where you left off. Or, you can start from the beginning. It's completely up to you!

"And, when you come right down to it, Senator, I honestly feel that a question about this topic is what you would need to direct to the millions of people who are loving every minute of having this option for 'watching things' that way. If it wasn't something so popular, then people wouldn't be doing it. And, why should anyone have to wait a week, or more, to see what happens next?" It's all part of getting beyond the restrictive confinements of regular TV networks and the way things have always been done. Obviously, people like having a variety of other options and ways for viewing on their own terms."

Senator Smarty-Pants: "Can you name a single, solitary 'benefit to humankind' for what you do and what you are supposedly offering?"

Netflix Red Envelope: "I think I already have given several examples of benefits I offer, Senator. But, hey, beyond so much entertainment and FUN, let's talk education and 'learning things.' With all that I offer, at one single, very affordable subscription cost, you can watch whatever you want. If you stumble upon something you don't like, you just quash it and move on to something else. Ah, but therein lies a 'magic touch' of what I offer, which is another positive aspect of what I offer for people to 'get it' with me.

"You get to explore and look for and at a wide, multicultural range of so many viewing experiences you might not have ever or never experienced. Because it is all 'right there' in an easy to find format, you quite literally explore what the entirety of what the world offers. And, that includes a profusion of foreign movies and TV shows that you can view with subtitles or with the voices dubbed in for your language. Oh, hey, and that just touches on your options. I've also got concerts, plays, documentaries, and so much more ... even magic shows."

Senator Peacock: "I keep seeing something here called a queue? What is that? Why does it matter? This is all so confusing."

Netflix Red Envelope: “Senator. It sounds like you've never experienced what I have to offer. And, for the record, what I offer is not confusing. From the moment you first use me, you'll already know what to do. That's how simple all of this is."

Senator Peacock: "No, I haven't used your service. Why should I? I've done my homework here and I am more than prepared for this hearing. Are you?"

Netflix Red Envelope: "Yes, I am prepared as much as I could be without knowing what this is really all about. So, first, let me say what many of my subscribers say to other people who haven't experienced or ever even seen Netflix. Just try Netflix for 30 days at no cost and without any hidden 'gotcha ya' obligations. If you don't like it, I'll personally give you your money back. In fact, many people boast about 'selling Netflix' exactly that way. And, after finding out just how amazing and incredible Netflix is, no one has ever asked for their money back!"

Senator Peacock: "Back to my original question. What is a queue? And, for that matter, why does anyone even need one?"

Netflix Red Envelope: "I'm happy to answer that because that specific point is part of the pure genius of me, who I am, and why so many people are attracted to me. USER INTERFACE is the best way to put it. For both the DVD and online subscriptions, you have a queue or list where you 'line up' what you want to watch. That way, whatever you have in your queue is what comes up next to view or is which DVDs get mailed to you next. Or, for online viewers, you can look through and watch what's available in category listings and even recommendations based on what you have already watched! The queue helps you make sure you never miss out on anything you want to watch."

Senator Blather: "Okay, let's talk about watching. And, you said quite a bit about certain negative aspects of movie theaters and Cable TV. But, what about having to wait to see something on Netflix? You can't tell me you don't have to wait for certain shows or movies in your DVD queue. Right?

Netflix Red Envelope: "That's correct, Senator. First, let me say, there is definitely a 'wait factor' with movie theaters, too, if you're trying to get into certain shows. So, there is a wait at points for DVDs, too, especially just released movies that become available. But, we show you if there is a wait time, right there in your queue. Short wait. Long wait. That's all the more reason you want to 'load up' your queue with whatever you want to watch the most listed at the top of the queue listing.

"The sooner you put something in your queue, the sooner you get it. Then when what you're waiting for 'comes up,' we ship it right out to you. For online viewing, EVERYTHING you see is instantly available to watch so you just point and click or tap on it with your finger, depending on which device you choose to view it from."

"Back in the day of video stores, there were only so many copies of many different movies and shows, so there was waiting there, too. Only, you had to go back at other points to see if what you wanted was available. And, there you had driving and wasting time fooling around. With me, never any driving around or wasting time EVER! I maximize your time, so you can do things the way you want to do them, at whatever point you want to."

Senator Braggart: "But, really, aren't YOU responsible for people just sitting in front of the TV way too much ... or people just mindlessly and obliviously gazing with monosyllabic stares at their TVs and computing devices?"

Netflix Red Envelope: "Well, ma'am. People have been 'spending way too much time in front of TVs' long before I came along. And, the Internet has even 'fueled that fire' even more so for 'getting lost out there' for hours on end. That said, me being who I am and what I offer people, it actually turns out to be just the opposite of what you're concerned about. And, this goes for people 'cutting the cord' from Cable TV.

"Because you have my queue and, most of the time, know what you are going to watch beforehand, then when you 'watch me,' you are viewing with a sense of purpose. You're not just sitting there, clicking the remote to see what's on ... and, then watching whatever you happened to have happened upon.

"Really, what's going on with me is that people know what they want to watch and then they watch it. That then frees up time for people to do other things, like reading, talking and interacting with other people, playing games, doing jigsaw puzzles, or any of lots of other things. So, no, I'm not concerned about people watching too much of me, even with watching multiple episodes, because people are going to do what they do, and you can't stop that.

"What I have done and am doing is providing a much smarter, more intellectually stimulating way of watching things. That way fewer people just sit there clicking the remote to see what's on and then watch whatever they happen to find, no matter how contrived, not entertaining, bad, or mindless it is."

Chairperson Know-it-all: "I see that Senator Inappropriate Confusion has finally gathered together quite a bit of information to ask a question. So, I now recognize and give the floor to that Senator."

Senator Inappropriate Confusion: "Thank you, Chairperson Know-it-all. Yes. I only have one question, but, based on all of my research that included talking to many of my constituents, this is probably the single most important aspect of what we are doing here today. Now, you have over 100 million subscribers worldwide, is that correct?”

Netflix Red Envelope: "Yes. Give or take ten or twenty or thirty or forty million."

Senator Inappropriate Confusion: "Ah, I see. Okay. So, what I want to know and I'm sure much of America as well as people around the globe, who are watching this hearing, want to know is this. Does the whatchacallit that fits on the thing for the other part have anything to do with your success?”

Netflix Red Envelope: "I know you're a ranking member of this committee, so I welcome answering, with great specificity, exactly what it is you want to know. To answer your thoughtful question, let me say this. While it might be a significant aspect of what it is you speak, I can tell you this that you most certainly would have to check how the piece that rests near the interface part of whateverthatis fits overall. Only then will the 'pieces of the puzzle' come together for addressing what it is you want to know.”

There was a long, awkward pause after that.

Then ...

Netflix Red Envelope: "Here's my question, folks. I'd really like to know the purpose of this hearing and what I'm doing here today."

Chairperson Know-it-all: "I'll tell you exactly why it is we are all here today, Mr. Red Envelope. You and your company are being investigated for being too damned good at giving people exactly what they want in the most convenient ways; for providing services for not only a fair price, but that it all is, most certainly, an outright bargain; for having outstanding, excellent customer service and satisfaction; and for providing customer/tech support, at no extra cost to courteously help people in any way possible ... all while continuing to grow at an exponential rate, making a profit, and setting the standard for the way things ought to be done. How and why can you possibly do all of that??"

Netflix Red Envelope: "Well, I can only respond with the real question, Senator. Why aren't the other guys AND other companies and corporations doing what I am doing? Anyone can check out what I have to offer for 30 days for free, no strings attached. is where anyone can find me. For people who want to know more or have questions, all they have to do is call our Customer Service number, 866-579-7172."

Not a single word was uttered following that. Not only did no one say anything else at this point, everyone was busy writing down the phone number and web address ... all while throughout the room (as well as for those watching on TV) phones and digital devices "lit up" with the web site!

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Netflix ... Twenty Years From Now ...
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Bil. Alvernaz

It seems like we have all we could ever want from Netflix right now.

But, just try to imagine Netflix twenty years from now!

Dateline: 2038 ...

Movie theaters have long since disappeared, dissolving into new age discos, pet salons, and a wide variety of other funky, earthy, new-age things (which, actually, are somewhat fun, sorta, kinda, maybe). Televisions are now "media walls" in people's home with the average size of the simmering, glass viewing areas being 10 feet by 18 feet (with more vivid depth of field than 3D). And, of course, there are the 360-degree hologram devices for homes, smartphones, and even in all of the self-driving (as well as flying) cars.

Netflix continues to battle monopolistic charges in the realm of all things media, because, one by one, the "other guys," who were providing EMDs (Entertainment Media Disks) and hyperspace (which used to be called "online") content, have "fizzled and frittered away" any chances of ever catching Netflix.

Netflix has become a monumental media, entertainment, educational, and news source ... and, all because Netflix has continuously made "smart moves" based on what people want ... not what corporate media moguls keep doing in the way of making "get all the money we can, weasel missteps" ... as they always have done (and will do).

With well over two billion subscribers now around the globe and on the dozen space stations, the Moon, and Mars, Netflix has introduced its latest innovation called "Whatever you want, whenever and wherever you want it." Because Netflix long ago perfected the Netflix Neural Perfunctory Predictor Device (NPPD), Netflix now knows exactly what you want BEFORE you want it. So, with there no longer being any need for the infamous Netflix Queue, whatever it is you're thinking about "wanting to see" (or do), well, Netflix takes care of that, complete with delivery via the new-fangled (but, oh, so nice) Inter-Web-Transitory-Delivery System (IWTDS).

The Netflix Inter-Web-Transitory-Delivery System can stream things to whatever device you like, at home, at work, in your car, on vacation, or directly to your brain if you have one of the new Netflix "skin patches" behind either ear. They are completely safe, too, with no side effects like the dizziness (and "other things") associated with Virtual Reality gear and contraptions.

The magical way the Netflix "skin patches" work is simply to "put on the show" right inside your brain, so you just close your eyes to watch whatever you want in the most vivid 3D you'll ever see, complete with vastly improved surround sound, too!

Oh, and the Netflix "skin patches" have so revolutionized education, that much like in the now ancient Matrix movie from 40 years ago, whatever you want to learn, hey, the Netflix "skin patches" provide a direct (and very affordable) way to find out about, learn, discover, and, yes, master anything at all.

There is much in development, too, as Netflix is working on new features that will allow you to immerse yourself in a vacation (for the cost of watching a movie), all without ever leaving home ... meaning you are completely free of the hassles of airfare, hotels, car rentals, rude, obnoxious people, sunburns, and, of course, seemingly endless waiting and waiting. No time wasted at all, because you're instantly "there" without leaving the safety of your home. You'll feel like you're right there in whatever exotic (or ordinary, quiet) place you want to be, because of a new feature for the Netflix "skin patches" that completely immerses you in a mind expanding, so real you can touch it, holographic, 3D experience!

And, that’s just the beginning of what Netflix has “coming soon!”

Oh, one other thing. Though many people "chalk it up" to rumors, I know for a fact that in the Netflix Neural-Net Labs (NNNL), they are working on a new feature that will greatly improve the lives of those serious (some would say "curmudgeonly cranky" or just downright nasty) people who seem to have had their personalities and senses of humor surgically removed. The new Netflix "lighten up and let loose" feature will greatly improve the lives of those individuals (as well as the rest of us who have to put up with all of their infectiously irritating nonsense!).

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Netflix - the book!
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Bil. Alvernaz


You can get this book on a Netflix DVD, stream it, or, well, you know, in, like what you can hold in your hand to "turn the pages," a book form ... hard cover, paperback, or audio format.

Bil. Alvernaz and Netflix - Copyright © 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz As the 20th anniversary celebration for Netflix winds down, it just figures that a book about Netflix would be most appropriate. It's also the best way to be sure all of what happened would be permanently "etched" in words, photos, and, yes, videos. This book will come with a DVD all of the videos relating to the 20th anniversary celebration and, most likely, previews of "coming attractions" (but nothing annoying). That way you won't need to scour the web (and YouTube) to find the videos.

A book would make things more permanent as well as be your handy resource for all things Netflix (even better than this web site). Everything in one handy place.

So, here is a brief overview of what you will find in the "Gran Fondo" quick & easy read ...

Netflix – the book!

Of course, this book will start at the beginning. And, that would be with Reed Hastings, the guy who started it all. Not only that, but there will be a closer look at the state of technology, computing, and TV/Internet viewing two decades ago.

The reason for that is because in the late 90s, the Internet was just starting to take hold (you know, before it completely wrapped its tentacles around our intellect and so many "lost breaths"). So, for this guy, Reed Hastings, to have the vision and smarts to "connect the dots" in the big picture of how he went on to change the world with Netflix, well, it's downright amazing.

Think about it. Smartphones were in the very early stages of development. We were just starting to maximize our use of something called electronic mail (email) as the use of "faxing" was already in a downward spiral. And, something called "texting" was looming on the horizon. What would come to be known as "streaming online," that was all in its infancy, too, where all the kinks were be worked out to get rid of the jumpy, "herky-jerky" motion of videos, not to mention delays and gaps in viewing things. And, for streaming movies and TV shows online, the technology was possible (and expensive), but not very realistic for doing it a massive, global scale. But, then not everyone could see the future like Reed Hastings did.

And, the most amazing aspect in all of this, is that Reed Hastings' "simple idea" was to use the United States Postal Service (USPS) as the "delivery & return" service for getting DVDs right to your door. Fast forward to today, where is doing the exact same thing by using the USPS's infrastructure to deliver gazillions of packages ... even with Sunday deliveries in Postal Service vehicles no less!

At the time, in the late '90s, all of this was one of those "yea, right, like that's really going to work" kinds of things. Hardly anyone, other than Reed Hastings and his forward-looking teams (who still always seem to be way ahead of the techno-weenie curves), even thought it all was feasible. Or, that you could make money doing it.

But, Reed Hastings could see it all. It would take a few years into the new century for this upstart Netflix to refine what would become an efficient, fine-tuned, constantly innovating system ... all while pioneering and perfecting online streaming. In no time, it was all working as Netflix gained traction to become the global phenomenon and force that it continues to be now two decades later with 130+ million subscribers worldwide.

There will be plenty of background details in this book, too, including how obstacles were nothing more than "solutions waiting to happen." All of which led to EVERYTHING coming together for what would be a constantly evolving entity that was/is so easily summed up in a single, now-familiar word in our daily vocabulary - "Netflix." And, that includes the ups and downs of getting it all going in the late '90s and early 2000s. It wasn't smooth sailing in the beginning to create (let alone keeping it going) Netflix. Lots of people, including me, initially "waited and watched" to see if this "thing" Netflix really would take off.

Just as Netflix was starting to soar in the early 2000s, I "jumped on board" and have been a fan ever since. That includes "selling" Netflix by telling anyone and everyone I knew, "Try Netflix for 30 days and if you don't like it, I'll personally give you your money back!" To this day, no one has ever asked for their money back. In fact, lots of the people I "nudged" into trying Netflix, they then started "selling it," too. That's all part of the phenomenon of Netflix ... everyone is always talking about! It didn't take much for LOTS of people to "jump right in" to take advantage of Netflix streaming options online, as well as having the Netflix DVDs delivered and returned via your mailbox ... such a simple, brilliant, "who woulda thought" idea. Best of all, whenever you were done watching your DVDs, no matter how long you hold on to them, you just popped 'em back in the clever "coming & going" red envelopes! Then your next DVDs will be on the way to you, lickity-split!

And, best of all, NO LATE FEES ever!

There will a whole lot more in this Netflix book, too ...
  • In-depth interview with Reed Hastings and key member of his Netflix team.
  • Behind the scenes looks at how Netflix does what it does.
  • Tips & pointers for the getting the most out of Netflix.
  • The mysteries will be revealed about those special numbered codes you can use for finding and zeroing in on exactly what you want to find. And, yes, there are more Netflix secrets you'll learn about, too!
  • What the critics said to begin with, compared to what they are saying now. And, there will be plenty of the "rave reviews" included ... of course, we would do that in this book!
  • Comparing "the other guys" to Netflix, which has become the standard above all else in this realm of watching exactly what you want to watch, whenever and wherever you want to watch it! This section of the book will also include all of the "gotchas" the other guys build in to squeeze more money out of you. They aren't like Netflix where you just pay one, very low, affordable monthly fee.
  • A closer look at just how so much original content (in the billions of dollars) "comes to life" through Netflix ... in a wide variety of languages (complete with subtitles), because Netflix now encompasses the entire planet!
  • And, well, there will be "other things" you need to know about Netflix that you didn't even know you wanted (or needed) to know.
  • Most importantly, this book will provide an important and close look "behind the scenes" at Netflix's Customer Service and Tech Support which, yet again, Netflix sets the standard for. And, hey, the "other guys" don't even have anything (if at all) close to help, assistance, and getting questions answers the way Netflix does ... all just by calling this 1-800-585-8018. You never wait more than a minute or so to talk to someone who can help you.
  • And, if that isn't enough to knock your socks off, we'll even look at things to come for Netflix, too!
So when will we have Netflixthe book?

It's coming soon ... very soon!
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America's Premier Unknown Writer!

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What if there was no Netflix?!?!?!
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Bil. Alvernaz

Would Blockbuster Video (and a forever, always "sprouting up" abundance of other video rental stores) have an epic stranglehold over our lives? Would such "going back and forth to video stores" still be tormenting and antagonizing us with a) always having to leave your house to "get the goods," along with so many snacks we really somehow couldn't resist buying; and 2) still having limited or few options (if any) for the movies we really want to see?

And, you know, most likely, they would still be nicking us for those stupid, aggravating late fees (not to mention "membership" fees ... whatever those meant or even were). Just like the movie theaters, they'd be over-charging us for the POP (point of purchase) snacks and drinks so readily available ... all, as we "dig out" our membership cards (wheresoever they happened to be hiding at those particular points). Then there is all of the driving back and forth, too. What a constant and annoying pain, eh?

And, right here we need to talk about THE COST of it all, because yet one very important thing in all of this is how much Netflix costs versus movie theaters, Cable TV, and even the rental fees we paid "PER MOVIE" at the video stores (not to mention the time, trouble, inconvenience, and "wear & tear" on our modes of transport)! With Netflix, it is just one monthly fee to watch whatever, whenever, wherever, and howsoever YOU choose. And, that Netflix monthly subscription costs less, MUCH LESS, than venturing out to see just one movie! And, we won't even get into the Cable TV costs you pay for ... you know, all of those channels you never even watch, all of which, like everything else on Cable (and regular) TV, most certainly, have commercials. Even the movie theaters, along with previews, "throw in commercials." And why not, they've got you held hostage to do whatever they want until the movie starts!


Oh, but wait, Blockbuster and most video stores went BUST, with Blockbuster filing for bankruptcy in 2010. So, there's that.

Even if the video store "supply chain" somehow had dwindled in a non-Netflix world, you'd still be stuck, as usual, with whatever Cable TV options there were/are for movies and entertainment (all tied to more expensive and/or, many times, the hidden, additional fees).

You could always just buy the DVDs, I guess, when they became available. Then there would be the ongoing hassle to store and arrange said DVDs on shelves. All in a futile, not so logical attempt that is doomed from the start (you know it and I know it), so you could somehow easily find what you wanted to watch whenever you wanted to watch it (assuming you did, indeed, manage to sort through your collection that, over time, the "order of it all" just didn't make any sense). We all know, especially if more than one person is involved, organizing and keeping track of things would quickly disintegrate into piles of DVDs! There wouldn’t be the quite handy, intuitive, easy to use Netflix queue that is now an integral part of how we think about, keep track of, and FIND what we want to watch ... lightning fast, too.

And, oh, sure, there always would be, at least for a little while longer (sorta, maybe, kinda), the various and assorted movie theater options, including Imax and 3D (that they are still frantically trying to shove down our throats, working (and marketing) overtime to "sell us on" it all collectively ... for even higher admission prices, too.

Ah, but, wait! Not only are those some of the main reasons Netflix is, well, Netflix. But, it all just makes you think how much we take for granted this so intuitively effortless, convenient, and extremely affordable (so much so, it feels like we're cheating somehow) entity (phenomenon, sensation, wonder, marvel, spectacular-spectacular) that is so very much a part of each of our daily (and nightly) lives ... NETFLIX!

Thanks to Reed Hastings and his clever, creative, and always helpful teams tirelessly working "behind the scenes" with technology and wizardry, for well over two decades now, we do, in fact, have Netflix!

But, think about it.

No Netflix?

Things would be so very different in so many ways ...

A red envelope that happens to show up in your mailbox would be "just another piece of mail" (most likely junk mail at that). There wouldn't be any of those special moments of spotting Netflix Red Envelopes in with the "other stuff" that automatically, so easily materialize into wide smiles brightening up your face (and intellect) in anticipation of "hey, something worth watching" for Netflixing.

The U.S. Postal Service might even have gone broke by now or, at the very least, they would have eliminated Saturday deliveries! Well, probably not, because of Amazon utilizing Netflix's same delivery infrastructure (including Sunday deliveries by Postal workers). It borders on astounding to consider this: What if there was no But, no. Wait a minute. That's a topic for another time.

Think about your remotes for TV, Roku, and other viewing options. There would, of course, be a different button on countless remotes in place of that now so familiar "just click it" Netflix button.

Oh, and what about that which has become known as streaming "original content?" Well, you'd probably still have some form of it one way or another (though it would all be much more limited and not as well done as the way Netflix pioneered and perfected it with the Internet as an "instant delivery system.")

But, with any other form of original content, it all would be NOTHING approaching the scale and incredible variety of the billions and billions of dollars Netflix invests EACH YEAR in what Netflix is offering (and "growing") in the way of highly anticipated, creative, inventive, very rewarding, well done, and award-winning "things to watch." All of which pleases those of us taking it all in.

What we're really talking about here is the "magnetic attraction" for those of us already enjoying Netflix. All as even more people around the globe keep adding to the monumental base of those "tuning in" to the ever-expanding universe of all things Netflixing.

The list goes on and on about all of the magical and enchanting things Netflix has come up with for us to change the world! All of us would still be waiting "week to week" for the next episodes of our favorite shows. Would anyone even know about or have any idea just what "continuous watching" would be (if you choose to do so ... and A LOT of people choose to do so)?

It has become expected (as well as the standard) and so normal (though it truly is a phenomenon) the way Netflix puts you in the driver's seat to watch part of something, all of it, or several continuing episodes of it all nonstop. And, when you do go back to watch more, Netflix lets you pick up right where you left off. It's such a simple, wonderful concept. But, who else, other than Netflix (actually, Reed Hastings, the founder) could have come up with all of that?

The network programming "geniuses" would still control what they feel should be available for us to watch. You know, instead of us having all of the virtually unlimited choices and options for what we want to watch with Netflix.

We would still be in the pre-ordained world of Cable TV as well as whatever we could "scavenger up" to watch on the Internet. But, we wouldn't have the now so comfortable and cozy freedom to watch whatever we want, whenever we want, wherever we want, and on whatever device(s) we wanted to watch things on. All of that remarkable flexibility just seems so normal to us now thanks to, you guessed it, Netflix.

Here's the biggest thing about if there was no Netflix. YOU and me, all of us. We would not "see things" the way we do now. Netflix provided for us an entertainment platform and system that is so fittingly adaptable right into each of our unique, individual lifestyles ... and it all so easily works the way we think! Something we didn't even know we wanted, but Netflix did!

And, millions and millions and millions of subscribers all around the world absolutely love it. That's the reason the "numbers keep growing" of people becoming a part of Netflix.

All while the "other guys" keep trying to copy and poorly reinvent the magic formula Netflix has so affordably provided for us! With the "other guys," it is all about the monetization of "milking us" for the most possible amount of money they can extract from us!

Bil. - Copyright © 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz The bottom line is that we wouldn't want to be without Netflix. Thankfully, we have Netflix. Oh, and what most people don't even know is the magical powers of those Netflix Red Envelopes which truly are magical in that they have anti-gravity properties that allow you to walk straight up walls! And, that would come in handy if you needed to look for DVDs on top of your bookshelves!

And, one more thing about all of those people "behind the scenes" making it all work for Netflix, so you don't have to think about anything other than what you want to watch, whenever and wherever you want to watch it. A very key aspect of Netflix that doesn't get mentioned much (and it should) is the Netflix customer/tech support people who are "right there" on the other end of the call when you phone in for whatever you might need help with. These are amazing, well-informed, knowledgeable, friendly and incredibly helpful people (Netflix-ites?). They can assist you with anything at all that relates to YOU getting the most out of Netflix! All you have to do is call 800.585.8018 for any questions or help. You'll never wait more than a minute or so for someone to answer your call.

NOTE: This essay is dedicated to Annie, Shannon, and Vanessa. I've enjoyed working with them on Netflix's 20th anniversary celebration. These three individuals are perfect examples of the amazing people, who are true professionals, working to "keep things going" at Netflix. So, all you have to do, without ever worrying about anything, considering how it all works, or even bothering with "going somewhere to watch something," is decide what you want to watch with Netflix and then watch it.

How cool is that!

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Bil. Alvernaz and Netflix - Copyright © 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz

Netflix, Seinfeld, The Beatles - Changing things forever!
Copyright © 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz

"It was twenty years ago today ..."

It's like the Beatles foretold what Netflix would be and do, as well as not just endure, but grow at an exponential rate, for twenty years to become the powerhouse standard for the way we "view things!"

And, to somewhat "rework" the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band lyrics, here is "how things might go" if the Beatles really were, indeed, talking about (long before the Internet) all that was to come in the form of something called Netflix!

It was twenty years ago today
Netflix changed the way we play
Netflix ... going on and on in style
Always guaranteed to raise a smile
So may I introduce to you
So much of what you've seen for all these years
Netflix, just like ...
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

In looking at these three unique, distinct, yet different (though similarly similar in certain ways) "entities" you easily can connect the dots for how they a) relate to each other (and us); and 2) changed (still are changing) everything ... being #1 ... starting trends ... grabbing and holding our attention ... making us think ... being intellectually stimulating ... inspiring us ... making us laugh ... and, above all else, entertaining us!

The number four is the first common thread for our discussion here ...

The four pieces of the Beatles were John, Paul, Ringo, and George.

The four parts of Seinfeld were Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George.

The four aspects of Netflix are YOU, Netflix, the TV (or any viewing device), and (this is the true genius behind Netflix) Customer/Tech Support. And, it is that aspect of Netflix's Customer/Tech Support that really sets Netflix apart from anything and everything else. As simple and as intuitive as Netflix is to use, if you have a question, can't figure something out, or wonder about this or that, you just call Netflix (where you never wait more than a minute or so). Then the "gold standard" of how you should be treated by friendly, helpful people takes care of whatever it is you need ... always, always, ALWAYS ... without exception.

The Beatles started a lot ... so let's begin with them (they did come first after all). We're still being influenced by the Beatles today in music and in so many other ways/areas. Sgt. Pepper is still considered a masterpiece in music, innovation, and lasting influence ... the best album ever! Ah, but, the Beatles touched our lives in so many other ways ... in fashion, hair styles, and so much more, including how we look at and live life.

Even though we didn't know it to begin with, our lives would forever be transformed and improved by these three phenomenon. The Beatles "opened the door" for entertainment. Seinfeld took things even further in terms of what "pulled us in" to watch and see what happens in so many quirky ways. Then came along Netflix as a "platform for our lives" that just so easily fits in for entertaining us!

The development and constantly evolving nature of Netflix, Seinfeld, and The Beatles "shook and shocked the earth" in much the same way the earth's tectonic plates can abruptly shift right underneath us. Netflix, Seinfeld, and The Beatles caused fundamental, quite noticeable, and amazingly astonishing, while ever-evolving, enrichments to the fabric of our lives (and civilization, for that matter).

Seinfeld came along in the late '80s (going on to thrive for a decade) to a television landscape that was mostly contrived, built on "formulas," and targeting audiences the TV execs were sure they could "grab hold of" and keep. Ah, but with Seinfeld (which wasn't going to be developed or continued after a few, poorly reviewed or even viewed episodes aired), everything about TV sitcoms changed in a radical, revolutionary way ... all with a show about nothing. A show that is still talked about to this day (by viewers and TV execs who keep trying to come up with something that comes close to or even outdoes Seinfeld). It's still considered one of the best TV shows ever on television. And, it even got a semi-reunion "special" via Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" (David, being the cofounder and true "brains" behind Seinfeld).

About the time Seinfeld was coming to an end (1998), a guy named Reed Hastings returned an "Apollo 13" video late to the video store. When he "got smacked" with a $40 late fee, that led to him creating something that he would call Netflix. The basic idea was to allow people to "rent videos" via a mail subscription service. And, there would never be any late fees. You could take all the time you want to watch videos. Then, when you returned the DVDs (in cleverly designed "coming & going" red envelope), you would get your next DVDs.

It wasn't "smooth sailing" to begin with for getting something like Netflix going, because it was so new and different (just like the Beatles and Seinfeld). In fact, Reed Hastings even talked to Blockbuster Video about taking on Netflix. Blockbuster, with a gazillion video stores (and seemingly "having a lock" on DVD rentals), declined the offer.

But that didn't stop Reed Hastings or Netflix ... as we all now know. And, here's the thing, as Netflix was really starting to take off, not just with DVDs "in the mail," but also with streaming online (which Netflix pretty much pioneered), Blockbuster Video filed for bankruptcy in 2010!

And, so, now, with 100+ million subscribers around the globe, Netflix continues to do what it does best, including providing original shows (spending $13 BILLION this year). Oh, yea, Netflix is where you can watch The Beatles, Seinfeld, and whatever else you want to put in your queue!

How cool is that?!?!

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Netflix Red Envelopes - Much like a Christmas tradition!
Copyright © 2018 by
Bil. Alvernaz

Bil. Alvernaz and Netflix - Copyright © 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz The tradition of hanging stockings at Christmas time has a different, more frequent twist in our house with the Netflix red envelopes!

You'll also see how we use the Netflix red envelopes to motivate us for exercising - Red Envelope Exercise, but right now, we're talking about a Netflix tradition we came up with where we hang the Netflix red envelopes on our large screen TV for the days we have Netflix DVDs to watch!

It started as somewhat a joke, because we never know just when the USPS delivery truck is going to "putter by" and drop off our daily mail, along with Netflix DVDs (that we knew were coming because of USPS's Informed Delivery - if you don't take advantage of that ... YOU SHOULD!).

Bil. Alvernaz and Netflix - Copyright © 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz Anyway, I was "pedaling away" on my exercise bike (looking at the collage of Netflix Red Envelopes), so when I had "put in" my 90 minutes of doing that, I walked into the living room to see the day's Netflix red envelopes hanging on our TV. Diana wanted to let me know I didn't have to ask, "Is the mail here yet?"

So, then it just became "a thing" to hang the red envelopes on the TV ... and it was fun, too. Because there have been many days that the Netflix DVDs arrive and they just "sit there" because we forgot about 'em (most likely because we were watching Netflix online or YouTube or actually doing something else ... like talking with each other, playing card games, working on jigsaw puzzles, or, dare I say it, reading books. Yikes!

When friends come over and see the Netflix red envelopes "hanging there" on the TV, they most often say something like, "And, the stocking were all hung on the fireplace, ready for what comes next!" By the way, I need to note here that I've seen "selling" Netflix for years. Ever since we got Netflix, I have told people to just subscribe for a month and if they don't like it, I'll give 'em their money back. In all that time (we've been subscribing to Netflix since the early 2000s), no one ever asked for their money back!

And, you know, sometimes I wonder ... Santa - red suit ... Netflix - red envelopes! Hmmmmm. Coincidence? I think NOT!

Hanging Christmas stockings once a year or hanging Netflix red envelopes on a TV on a really often basis? Now it all seems pretty much normal ... in a lot of different ways!

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The Netflix Red Envelope ...
It is so much more than it appears to be!
Copyright © 2018 by
Bil. Alvernaz

Bil. Alvernaz and Netflix - Copyright © 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz Exercise FIRST ... and, then I get to go Netflixing!

It's basically a mental game to motivate me to "hit it" riding my stationary bike for just part of my daily workout (I also do rowing, ab crunches, a variety of squat thrusts, pushups, "yanking away" on the BowFlex, tossing around the medicine ball, and, of course, stretching. So, having the collage of red envelopes right in front of me (like I'm racing to reach 'em) is much like the donkey with a carrot on a stick, where the carrot is dangling just in front of the donkey's nose ... to keep him moving!

Only then, after sweating my arse off, do I get to watch and take part in the experience of "Netflixing!" That's what we call the Exercise FIRST ... and, then we get to watch Netflix! And, yea, we made up the word "Netflixing" because Netflix isn't just "watching a movie" or something else. Netflix is this wonderful experience that quickly becomes a part of your everyday life!

Bil. Alvernaz and Netflix - Copyright © 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz Only then, after sweating my arse off, do I get to watch Netflix!

For you see, we do a lot more with the Netflix red envelopes that "seal 'em up" and toss away the part you tear off when opening that magical Netflix red envelope. No, sir, ree, Bob-OH-MY! We make art out of the "remains" of the red envelopes.

And, even though Diana and I have been fitness oriented and eating smart for over four decades (we each weigh less than what we did in high school), it is NEVER, EVER, even close to "being easy" to exercise and workout. So, we play games ... no lunch until we workout ... no snack later unless we workout ... and, NO Netflix until we "hit it" for the day exercising and sweating, sweating, SWEATING! Yea, it's a mental game, but it is just too easy not to exercise. There are a million reasons not to exercise. So we slap up the collages of Netflix red envelopes to help with keeping us motivated to "hit it" day after day, week after week, "munt" after "munt" to stay in shape.

So, you see, Netflix isn't just the single best answer for "going to the movies" or watching something worthwhile ... no, no, no ... Netflix is so much more than that for improving your life ... and adding so many incredibly amazing "viewing options" every single day!

I've also learned something (which the donkey, I'm sure, caught on to very quickly) ... no matter how fast I pedal, I don't get any closer to those Netflix envelopes ... which keeps me going and going and going for great sweaty workouts!

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These are our Netflix photos that all relate to Netflix's magical way, along with the red envelopes, of brightening so many of our days, nights, and, well, so many other "points in time!"

Hey! The popcorn disappeared, Max? Who could have possibly eaten it!

COVER - Batsh*t Crazy - Digital Dementia Dystopia We left the room for just the briefest of brief moments. And, when we came back to finish watching our Netflix movie, the popcorn bowl was EMPTY. Who, we wondered, could have snarfled down the rest of the popcorn? The look at Max's face say it all ... don't you think?

Popcorn dogs!

COVER - Batsh*t Crazy - Digital Dementia Dystopia So, not that we needed to test our theory, but we decided to see what would happen if we set the popcorn bowl down on the "dog-level" floor. This photo speaks (barks?) for itself as Max (on the left) and Lucky weren't shy at all about enjoying fresh-popped popcorn!

Lucky picking Netflix over going for a walk!

COVER - Batsh*t Crazy - Digital Dementia Dystopia We play this game (when Lucky is in the mood for it). What we do is place on the floor a "regular" DVD, the dog leash (which means we'll go for a walk), and a Netflix DVD. Lucky then decides what he wants. He puts his paw on the Netflix DVD! Why? Well, while Lucky is no dummy. He knows if we're going to watch Netflix, that more than likely means POPCORN! And, too, he knows we'll go for a walk later anyway. Lucky is our Netflix Dawg!

Saving over 20,000 with Netflix!

COVER - Batsh*t Crazy - Digital Dementia Dystopia Once we got Netflix (in the early 2000s), we killed Cable TV, but still kept our hi-speed Internet service. That cut our monthly Cable TV bill by more than 80 percent. And, each month, we put the money we saved into an envelope. Before we knew it, we had enough money to buy a monster, large-screen TV and an awesome home theater, surround sound set up. Since killing cable TV, we've saved over $20,000 (and still counting).

Movie & TV Show Reviews

Whatever Works - One of the best, if not the best, Woody Allen movies. (2009)

Bil. Alvernaz and Netflix - Copyright © 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz You want to know what life is really all about?

See this movie!

You want to know what it takes, despite negativity abounding all around you, to be happy?

See this movie!

You want intellectual stimulation and plenty of "food for thought?"

See this movie!

Even if you aren't a Woody Allen fan ... see this movie!

The storyline and dialogue are excellent. And, it all revolves around (by showing and shining through what the characters do and say) the simple fact that you need to keep your life simple and carefree, doing "whatever works" to make you (and others your influence might rub off on) happy.

You don't need to worry about what other people think, or how they will react to what YOU are doing. None of that matters. You need to focus on whatever works for you in your life ... what you want to do ... and, most importantly, what will make you happy!

Breaking the fourth wall (i.e., looking out and talking to YOU and the audience) is what really makes this film work. Larry David is the main character, talking to you/us at different points throughout the movie, especially when a certain point or theory or agreed upon "fact" needs to be emphasized or debunked. And, it is breaking that fourth wall that really makes this movie fit right in with the theme of whatever works.

The idea of the imagined and invisible wall, between you (along with the rest of the audience) and the main character, disappearing so one or more characters can talk directly to the audience isn't anything new. It was done artfully and perfectly in the play "Our Town" (you want to see the PBS version of that play with Paul Newman). George Burns also did it weekly on his and Gracie Allen’s weekly TV show in the 1950s. Ferris Buehler did it, too, in Matthew Broderick's icon 1986 movie.

And, here, in this movie, the fourth wall just seamlessly melts away as YOU become part of the movie! And, that, by the way, is a perfect example, in and of itself, of whatever works!

What you're reading right now, this text, is a different kind of review, because I'm going to include quotes from the movie that will either sell you on it or help you realize you should pick some other movie.

But, hey. The key point here is that this movie zeros in on exactly whatever it is that life is, should and could be ... exactly what you want it to be. In other words, whatever works!

The movie starts right off with the main character, while talking with some buddies, looks directly into the camera (breaking the fourth wall) and begins what will be his on-going, clever, insightful, and quite humorous dialogue with YOU.

Here is what Boris Yelnikoff (Larry David) starts off with as he talks, with great specificity, to YOU ...

"Why would you want to hear my story? Do we know each other? Do we like each other? Let me tell you right off, ok ... I'm not a like-able guy. Charm has never been a priority with me. And just so you know, this is not the feel-good movie of the year. So, if you're one of those idiots who needs to feel good, go get yourself a foot massage."

He continues ...

"What the hell does it all mean anyhow? Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nothing comes to anything. And yet, there's no shortage of idiots to babble. Not me. I have a vision. I'm discussing you. Your friends. Your coworkers. Your newspapers. The TV. Everybody's happy to talk. Full of misinformation. Morality, science, religion, politics, sports, love, your portfolio, your children, health. Christ, if I have to eat nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day to live, I don't wanna live. I hate goddamn fruits and vegetables. And your omega 3's, and the treadmill, and the cardiogram, and the mammogram, and the pelvic sonogram, and oh my god the-the-the colonoscopy, and with it all, the day still comes where they put you in a box, and it's on to the next generation of idiots, who'll also tell you all about life and define for you what's appropriate. My father committed suicide because the morning newspapers depressed him. And could you blame him?”

The key point the main character hammers away at throughout the movie is this:

"All I’m saying is that people make life so much worse than it has to be."

This main character isn't a people person, but you quickly come to like him because he keeps striking a "that's exactly what I was thinking" chord over and over again. That's why Larry David is so perfect for this role. He is not likeable, but you absolutely love him (and what he stands for/talks about).

Boris doesn't ever, ever, EVER hold back either, thus lines like this ...

"I hate you and I just met you!"

And, all of those annoying people? He just doesn't put up with 'em, while carrying on a conversation with you that is extremely valid and realistic social commentary! This all being Woody Allen, of course.

Anyone who intrudes on his perspective or personal space, Boris just sighs and says, "Hey, mind your own business. How about that?"

Just as with Seinfeld (he was the co-creator, but really the genius and "brain behind it all") and his HBO series, "Curb Your Enthusiasm," Larry David is absolutely perfect in all that is being presented!

It's all here in this movie ...

"Let me teach you something about love. Okay? Love, despite what they tell you, does not conquer all. Nor does it even usually last. In the end, the romantic aspirations of your youth are reduced to whatever works."

Larry David as the main character, Boris, is a really smart guy who says what is on his mind. He never holds back. He didn't want to do this movie, but Woody Allen talked him into it. If this isn't the best Woody Allen movie (because it is pretty hard to top "Annie Hall" and "Midnight in Paris"), it is certainly in the top five (three!). And, Larry David makes this movie the "right on the money" movie that it is.

The bottom line for this movie - the main point - is that you can do whatever you want with your life and be happy. Forget about all the things you look for to worry about. This movie "opens the door" for you to readjusting your attitude and living your life in terms of whatever works FOR YOU!

Oh, yea, and, believe it or not, you not only learn quite a lot from this movie, as well as it reinforcing what you really know is "what's what"), it has a happy ending!

Whatever works! Remember that.

It is a great mantra for life!

The Natural
- This is THE baseball movie, even if you aren't a baseball fan. (1984)

Bil. Alvernaz and Netflix - Copyright © 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz If you only ever see one baseball movie, this is it!

Yea, "Field of Dreams" is pretty darned good. And, so is Bull Durham. But this movie is all about second chances and fulfilling life dreams. The movie starts in the 1920s and then, 16 years later, everything takes place in 1939.

This movie is also the single best example of ...

Baseball is life and life is baseball!

From the cliché of "knock the cover off the ball" actually happening (hey, it's a movie!) to one person being able to help others see they really can "do it" if they work together, this movie puts so much of life (and any sport) into perspective.

And, this would not be the movie it is without Robert Redford as Roy Hobbs, a down and out baseball player who makes an almost unbelievable (but oh, so believable) comeback when others would have just given up. Glenn Close, Robert Duvall, Kim Bassinger, and so many others add to the magic and mystique of this movie.

Here are some of the best lines from the movie ...

"It took me sixteen years to get here. You play me, and I'll give ya the best I got."

"I coulda been better. I coulda broke every record in the book."

"And, then when I walked down the street people would've looked and they would've said there goes Roy Hobbs, the best there ever was in this game."

"I believe we have two lives. The life we learn with and the life we live after that.”

While this movie didn't win any awards (it should have), the theme song is still, to this day, a major part of "the experience" for many major league baseball teams. When you hear it, you know something incredible did, or is about to, happen ... just like the dramatic ending of the movie when Roy Hobbs hits the winning home run with a moon-shot that causes the field lights to explode in a fireworks display!

This movie is great! The ending gives you much to think about ... concerning what the ending means and what you want to do with your life!

- The single best "What the hell is going on and what happens next?" TV show ever! (2004-2010)

Bil. Alvernaz and Netflix - Copyright © 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz "LOST" ... What the ...?

The Island (wherever it is) - If you can't or haven't figured it out by now, here is the real secret to the "LOST" TV Show ... you're not supposed to "get it." You're just supposed to be intrigued, mystified, puzzled, dazzled, perplexed, and, most important of all, you're supposed to be entertained ... much of what happens, relates to what is supposedly going on (or not going on) and that's the "drive you nuts" part of the show that is intriguing. And, that is what this amazing and unique, constantly twisting and twirling your perspective experience is all about. Plus, you get so much in the way of things to relate to in your own life, especially about redemption and proving yourself.

It is highly doubtful that the Brain Trust behind "LOST" had any idea they would create the sensation that they did, but once "LOST" grabbed hold of the intellect of so many people (including those just "along for the ride" as well as the writers and producers of the show), "LOST" took on a life of its own and we all benefited by “tuning in” in more ways that one.

The true brilliance of the show was that despite such ridiculous and fanciful plot lines, we all bought into it, suspending our disbelief as we couldn't wait to see what happens next, week after week, month after month, year after year ... and don't think it is over yet, because with the DVD boxed set has "built in" 20+ bonus minutes of "other things" that happened in the finale, that will be just the beginning. And, who knows if there ever will be reunion shows or maybe a movie. While the show has long ended, it still lives in our online realm and will forever be talked about and talked about.

But, was this more a show about staying hydrated with all of the bottles of water consumed over the course of so many episodes, or was it maybe keeping track of how many times "We're here" was said? And, just about everything was punctuated with guns being pulled out or shot or hidden or being cocked or tossed around (how many takes did it take to get all of the timing right on all of that?). One of the best parts of watching "LOST" was watching it with someone because when so many scenes ended with long stares and the camera flashing back and forth between confused and/or surprised looks, you had someone to turn to express your odd stare while asking disjointed questions to which there were (and probably never will be) no straight answers. More than anything else in "LOST," the music carried and moved us all at so many points, especially the frantic drums beating at so many points or the haunting melodies when someone disappeared or died. And, that's just part of the six-year landscape of "LOST," all of which we'll be discussing and dissecting for some time to come.

It was a show like none other before or to come. Nothing will ever come close to all of what "LOST" was (especially in our reasoning, "trying to make sense out of it all" minds).

The people behind "LOST" know a good thing when the see it, so look for more and more, in "bits and pieces" in the years to come. Sure, the creative team behind "LOST" will "make more bucks," along with the current cast and any newcomers that will be "worked in" somehow ... and we will love every minute of it. How many TV shows have you ever seen that keeps you on the edge of your seat, genuinely intrigued, with so many cliff hangers (even the ones going into commercials), the way "LOST" did? And, how about a symphony orchestra that "fit the mood" with every turn, especially the emotional scenes. And, anyone who says they didn't get a "tear in their eye" at so many different points is just plain lying!

With "LOST" you really didn't want all the answers, because what would be the fun in that? The real "pull" of "LOST" was how it sucked you right in to EVERYTHING that happened, minute by minute. You bought into it all over and over again. I had heard about "LOST" and just thought it was something I really wasn't interested in. I mean, come on. People stranded on an island and then trying to get back once they finally got off. For the first five years after the show ended, I just ignored it, thinking it was just plain dumb! Then, with NetFlix online viewing, I thought, well, hey, let's have a look at the first episode and then I'll be convinced of just how stupid the show was. So much for that idea, because after the first 20 minute roller coaster ride of how "LOST" gets started, you are hooked ... with no hope of doing anything other that "ride it to the very end" rewatching many episodes. So, episode after episode, we watched it all online with NetFlix, until we got to Season Six, which we then watched online at ABC.Com.

I think the real magic of "LOST" is that we all could relate to the characters so well and that we saw so much of ourselves in those characters (good and bad). It will be impossible for anyone to come up with such a magic formula again ... an enchanting island that is always on the move, the drama, the conflict, and, most of all, the inventiveness. Now that"s what real entertainment (and intellectual stimulation) is all about! You lose count of how many times a scene ends or the episode leaves you waaaaaay "out there" wondering, "What the ...?"

And, you just know you wouldn't want it any other way!

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- Intrigue, drama, and an outstanding story line (2011 to present)

Bil. Alvernaz and Netflix - Copyright © 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz This TV series is an on-going drama with all of the plot twists and an abundance of "bite your nails," adrenalin rush kinds of action that clearly out does most so-called spy thrillers. You never can quite figure out what's going on here or just who is who along with who might be doing what. And, just who is/are the bad guy(s)? Well, that's always an open question. Just when you think you've got things figured out ... SURPRISE!

Much like the TV show "LOST," this Showtime TV series always keeps you guessing (where most of the time you're wrong, though pleasantly and astonishingly astonished). Each episode is just that good ... no, make that EXCELLENT!

Claire Danes is a CIA officer with a bipolar disorder (she keeps it secret from everyone) who just happens to "connect the dots" that no one else can, all while everyone thinks she is nuts. So you're always rooting for her ... all while everyone and everything else seems to be constantly working against her (not really). Damian Lewis and Mandy Patinkin are outstanding and absolutely perfect "counter-balances" to the always changing, "up & down" aspects of intricate plotlines that are all flawlessly believable ... with acting that can only be described as absolute perfection.

This show takes you on a rollercoaster ride of ever-changing and many quite surprising, and, at points, shocking, gut-wrenching emotions and "WTF" moments. All while you love every minute of it, because it is just that good. There are no worn out storylines here. It's all fresh and exciting even though we're dealing with the main topic of "Who is the terrorist?" This is just the way real, "sitting on the edge of your seat" entertainment ought to be!

This show is constantly evolving where, at the heart of it, it is one of the best "Cat and mouse" games ever that truly fits the definition of: "a contrived action involving pursuit, near captures, and repeated escapes" ... all where you are never quite sure just who is the cat and who is the mouse. The reason for that is because the story line here is like nothing you’ve ever seen. At many points the cat becomes the mouse and/or the mouse (or mice) becomes the cat.

Best of all, things change drastically (and oh, so believably) with each season. So, you never are quite sure what's going to happen next or who is going to do (or not do) what. And, that's the whole point here, because, in a rarity for TV shows as well as with movies, your intellect is stimulated as you keep trying to figure out, just like Claire Danes' character, what the hell is going on.

There are plenty of reasons this show has won Emmy and Golden Globe awards! That's just how great this show is that constantly takes you on a non-stop wild ride.

Here are just some of the quotes from a TV series you immediately get pulled into and absorbed in, where you can't wait for the next episode ...

"You're missing it, all of you. It's happening right now in front of your faces."

"We have a disinformation campaign designed to discredit the president elect. As of today, we have boots on the ground, like the protesters I had to wade through to get here. Does that seem familiar to any of you?"

"Plus, this isn't just about fake news and manipulating public opinion, it's about stifling dissent."

"I'm serious. I-I missed something once before, I won't... I can't let that happen again."

"Everyone lies in this business, I accept that. But we all draw lines somewhere, and the two sides of that line are us and them."

"CIA's not even supposed to be operating on American soil. It's against your own charter. This is the FBI's job."

Oh, and the best part in all of this? There is still more to come!

The eighth and final season airs this fall (2018)!

Peaky Blinders
- It's basically a mob story, but you'll love the "bad guys!" (2013 to present)

Bil. Alvernaz and Netflix - Copyright © 2018 by Bil. Alvernaz Yea, it's a weird name for a TV series (or even a movie), but don't let that stop you from watching a mob/gang do the things they do!

Why do you want to watch this show?

Just watch the first ten minutes and you'll be hooked. Or, you'll know this isn't your "cup of tea."

What's the best aspect of Peaky Blinders?

Everything! Including their odd, but somehow (I honestly don't know why) appealing, quite bizarre haircuts ... that many major league baseball players and other sports stars now seem to be "taking to."

Oh, and the ever-changing music soundtrack is absolutely perfect and fitting for the dramatic impact it adds to so many different scenes.

There is no doubt the Peaky Blinders are the bad guys ...

But, hey, you're going to be rooting for every one of them, especially Cillian Murphy who plays Tommy Shelby, head of a gangster family in Birmingham, England. It all takes place just after the First World War in late 1918.

Most of the members of the real Peaky Blinders were veterans of World War I. Many lived with unbearable PTSD from fighting in France. That's probably why much of their anger translated into such brutality. Their name, Peaky Blinders, came from their "news boy" caps, known as "blinders," that had razor blades sewn into the front brim. Whenever they took off their caps in a fight, there was no doubt someone was "going to get cut!" Another way the razorblade caps were used was in headbutts, going for slashing the opponent's face and eyes!

Despite the government being "out to get them" at all costs, the Peaky Blinders, under Tommy Shelby's cunning and unconventional leadership, thrived and continued to grow in size, shape, and influence.

Okay, we're talking about thugs here. Really crazy, ruthless hooligans. But, you can't help but root for them, especially because of Cillian Murphy's mesmerizing portrayal of Tommy Shelby, their reluctant leader (who smokes and drinks way too much ... almost to the point of being a distracting aspect of this show).

The Peaky Blinders start out small but then, in no time, they capitalize on twists of fate and self-created opportunities to become "big business respectable." This show is really about good and evil, where there are no good guys, mainly because the police are just as corrupt as those they are trying to crush (which they never quite manage to do).

Here are some quotes that put it all into perspective. And, these are just some of the insightful, makes-you-want-to-root-for-them commentary.

"You can change what you do, but you can't change what you want."

"Everyone's a whore, Grace. We just sell different parts of ourselves."

"Intelligence is a very valuable thing, innit. My friend? And, usually it comes far too f**king late."

"I don't pay for suits. My suits are on the house or the house burns down."

"All religion is a foolish answer to a foolish question."

"Lies travel faster than the truth."

"The one minute. The soldier's minute. In a battle, that's all you get. One minute of everything at once. And anything before is nothing. Everything after, nothing. Nothing in comparison to that one minute."

"You have your mother's common sense but your father's devilment. I see them fighting. Let your mother win."

"In France I got used to seeing men die. I never got used to seeing horses die."

"You strike when your enemy is weak."

"You can never tell with men. They go for whoever their dicks point at, and there's no changing their minds."

"I know that you all want me to say that I'll change, that this f*****g business will change, but I've learnt something in the last few days. Those bastards. Those bastards are worse than us. Politicians, f*****g judges, lords and ladies. They're worse than us, and they will never admit us to their palaces, no matter how legitimate we become because of who we are."

"May you be in heaven a full half hour before the devil knows you're dead!"

"You have to get what you want your own way."

"Sometimes the women have to take over. Like in the war."

One other thing, and probably the single best thing, about this show. You feel like you are right there, in the middle of it all because of the outstanding cinemaphotography. So many scenes take on the look of oil paintings, especially the landscapes and city shots ... even closeups of the characters. Add to that the incredibly gritty, believable acting and you have a true winner!

Oh, and one other key point. Tom Hardy, as a recurring character, steals the show in every scene. Of course, there are a lot of characters and people in minor "bit parts" who also make for this to be one of the best TV series EVER! If not the best!

Netflix has already committed to a fifth season "coming soon." Steven Knight, the show's creator and driving force, has said he is working on seasons six and seven, too.

Please note that you'll want the subtitles for this, even though it is in "English," along with "catch phrases" and slang from the time period. With the accents (which are excellent) and the way they say things for that time period (most often at a fast, rhythmic, staccato pace), you'll definitely need help "hearing" (seeing) what they are actually saying. The dialog moves fast, so be on your toes. The up side here is that you'll learn some very cool phrases that certainly "fit right in" with how people talk and behave today.